Role PlayingRogue with the Dead: Idle RPG

Rogue with the Dead: Idle RPG

Rogue with the Dead: Idle RPG
App Name Rogue with the Dead: Idle RPG
Latest Version v.1.4.8
Last Updated
Publisher room6
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Role Playing Role Playing
Size 153 MB
Mods Unlimited Money
Google Playstore

4.6 Rating (210) Votes

4.6 Rating (210 Votes )
Price: $ 0
What kills you makes you stronger. A unique roguelike idle strategy game.

Rogue with the Dead: A Unique Idle RPG Experience

Rogue with the Dead is not your average RPG game. It’s a captivating roguelike game where you take command and enhance troops on an unending journey through diverse challenges and opponents.

An innovative creation from room6, the developers behind Unreal Life and Gen’ei AP, Rogue with the Dead introduces players to a distinct gaming adventure.

◆Defeat the Demon Lord

Your primary objective in Rogue with the Dead is to lead a group of soldiers on a 300-mile expedition to conquer the Demon Lord at the journey’s end. As you progress, completing quests and vanquishing monsters will enable you to accumulate coins, which can be utilized to reinforce your troops.

During battles, your soldiers engage automatically, but you also have the option to actively participate in the combat. However, if you succumb during the journey, you lose all soldiers, money, and items, except for artifacts, and have to restart your quest. To combat the formidable bosses obstructing your path, amassing artifacts is crucial. Furthermore, defeating these bosses will reward you with additional artifacts.

◆Diverse Playstyles

The game offers a myriad of ways to play:

1. Strengthen soldiers, conquer dungeons, and vanquish monsters.
2. Embark on an endless loop of dungeons.
3. Recruit healers, summoners, magicians, and more to battle on your behalf.
4. Employ tower defense strategies to fend off incoming enemies.
5. Automatically enhance quest capabilities to earn more coins in idle mode.
6. Engage in the game while idle, as extensive portions of the game can be played without active participation.
7. Discover even more formidable soldiers to combat challenging bosses.
8. Gather valuable artifacts.
9. Procure ingredients to craft meals, augmenting your soldiers’ capabilities.
10. Compete with other players on the online leaderboard.
11. Benefit from roguelite mechanics that empower you in each new game iteration.

◆A Captivating Pixel Art World

Immerse yourself in a captivating pixel art world as you journey through a fantastical realm and its engaging storyline. Traverse the terrain to the Demon Lord’s castle alongside your troops and the enigmatic guide, Elly. Unravel the prelude to your arrival and discover that Elly might harbor more knowledge than initially apparent.

◆Witness Exponential Growth

Experience the exhilarating progression from dealing mere 10 or 100 points of damage initially to witnessing the numbers soar into millions, billions, and even trillions. Revel in the exponential growth of your power within the game.

◆Diverse Soldier Lineup

Enlist from a varied roster of soldiers with distinct abilities, such as:

1. Swordsman – A robust frontline warrior with high health adept at safeguarding other soldiers.
2. Ranger – An archer capable of distant attacks, albeit slower and less resilient than warriors.
3. Pigmy – A diminutive warrior with swift movement, despite possessing low health and weak offensive capabilities. Suitable for swift, close-range assaults on enemies.
4. Sorcerer – A spellcaster inflicting significant damage within a defined area, albeit slow and susceptible to damage.

◆Empowering Artifacts

Acquire artifacts that facilitate your progression, such as:

– Augmenting attack capabilities by 50%
– Shielding magicians from 1 attack
– Boosting the coin yield by 50%
1% of all soldiers’ attack contributing to the tap attack
– Chances of soldiers spawning at a larger size, adding variety to combat scenarios
– Enabling necromancers to summon 1 additional skeleton

◆Seamless Idle Gameplay

When you need a break, simply close the game. Quests will continue to progress even when you’re not actively playing, enabling you to accumulate more coins for reinforcing your soldiers and dealing with challenging bosses upon your return. The game allows for short gameplay sessions, making it ideal for filling brief periods throughout the day.

◆Perfect for You If…

This game is a perfect match for you if you enjoy:

– Idle games
– “Clicker” games
– Strategy games
– RPGs
– Pixel art
– Tower defense games
– Roguelike or roguelite games
– Endless dungeon exploration games
– Witnessing exponential numerical growth

  • - Soul summon can now be performed every 8 hours (any time exceeding 8 hours will be carried over to the next cooldown period, up to a maximum of 4 hours). - The average age of Einherjars has been lowered, and their average lifespan has been increased. - Adjustments made to reduce the number of years passed during reincarnation. - Added a function to reset the stats of Einherjars. - Added a function to reset the abilities of Einherjars.

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