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Blade&Soul Revolution
App Name Blade&Soul Revolution
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Publisher Netmarble
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Role Playing Role Playing
Size 94MB

– New Story “Other Realm Act 2” has been added.
– New Dungeon “Avalanche Den” has been released.
– New Equipment “Gloves” has been introduced.

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4.2 Rating (225) Votes

4.2 Rating (225 Votes )
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Oriental Action MMORPG Blade and Soul Revolution

Discover the Thrilling World of Blade&Soul Revolution

Game Introduction

Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating MMORPG journey in Blade&Soul Revolution? The 5th Anniversary Festival has ushered in the arrival of the Demolisher class, along with a plethora of generous benefits. Seize the opportunity to acquire a Radiant Legendary Weapon and delve into the new Colorful server, offering abundant rewards through the Colorful Crystal Coin Shop. Be prepared to engage in the fearful Cryo period and explore the Frigid Sword Ravine Campaign Field. Additionally, the Guardian Spirit Protection has been fortified, presenting an even stronger defense mechanism.

Exciting Features

1. Newly Arrived Class and Anniversary Festival
The arrival of the Demolisher class coincides with the 5th Anniversary Festival, offering players the chance to obtain a Radiant Legendary Weapon among other benefits. The newly added Colorful server brings forth a Colorful Crystal Coin Shop, providing an array of rewards, including a ticket to summon up to 165 times and a complete Legendary PvP Accessory Set.

2. Skill Combinations akin to a Fighting Game
Each class in Blade&Soul Revolution possesses distinctive skills with unique combinations. The Joint-Attack feature enables players to unleash powerful strikes alongside their teammates while maintaining the ability to move seamlessly during skill execution, ensuring an immersive and action-packed battle experience.

3. Open Field Faction War
Engage in strategic warfare between the Cerulean and Crimson factions on a massive scale in real time within an open field. Join forces with up to 500 players from each server to partake in the intense Faction War, where teamwork and tactics play pivotal roles in determining victory.

4. Community-Centric MMORPG
Forge alliances and create intriguing narratives through collaboration or occasional conflict within the game’s vibrant community. Join forces with a clan to support your faction and partake in fulfilling cooperative endeavors.

5. Cinematic Storytelling
Immerse yourself in the captivating tale of revenge as you embark on a journey against Jinsoyun, the murderer of your master. With over 150 high-quality cinematics, experience a gripping narrative that unfolds before your eyes.

6. Windwalking Adventure
Embark on an awe-inspiring journey as Windwalk enables you to traverse seamlessly across the expansive landscapes, encompassing the sky, land, and water. Marvel at the breathtaking 3D backgrounds and revel in the liberating sensation of windwalking through the open field.

How It Works

In Blade&Soul Revolution, players can select from a diverse array of classes, each featuring distinct skills and playstyles. By mastering skill combinations and leveraging strengths within a team, players can engage in thrilling battles and strategic warfare. The game’s community-driven essence fosters collaborative experiences, while the compelling storyline unfolds through cinematic narratives, captivating players with its gripping tale of vengeance. Windwalk offers a unique mode of exploration, allowing players to soar across the MMO’s expansive world with visually stunning backdrops.

Pros and Cons

– Diverse and engaging skill combinations tailored to each class.
– Large-scale Faction War providing intense real-time battles.
– Collaborative clan and community features enriching the MMORPG experience.
– Gripping cinematic storytelling complementing the revenge-driven narrative.
– Windwalk feature facilitating seamless exploration across vast landscapes.

– In-app purchases and associated fees.
– Minimum device specifications may limit accessibility for some players.


Blade&Soul Revolution stands out as an enthralling MMORPG, offering a plethora of features that cater to diverse playstyles. From the introduction of the Demolisher class and the 5th Anniversary Festival to the immersive storytelling and expansive open world, the game captivates players with its dynamic gameplay and engaging community interactions. While in-app purchases and device specifications may pose certain limitations, the overall essence of the game reflects a compelling and immersive MMORPG experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the distinctive features of the 5th Anniversary Festival in Blade&Soul Revolution?
    The 5th Anniversary Festival introduces the Demolisher class and offers generous benefits, including the opportunity to obtain a Radiant Legendary Weapon and explore the new Colorful server with its Colorful Crystal Coin Shop.
  2. How many players can participate in the Open Field Faction War?
    The Faction War allows up to 500 players from each server to engage in large-scale strategic warfare in real time within an open field setting.
  3. What is Windwalk in Blade&Soul Revolution?
    Windwalk enables players to seamlessly traverse across the game’s vast landscapes, encompassing the sky, land, and water, offering a liberating mode of exploration.

  • - Major 5th Anniversary Update! - Ancient Pet, Full Set +12 Radiant Lgnd Equip, 3 Lgnd Guardian Spirits, 9 Lgnd Skill Badges, and 8 types of Lgnd Gems! - Ancient Pet & new Demolisher!

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