App Name GiantN
Latest Version v.1.0.4
Last Updated
Publisher Singta Inc
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Role Playing Role Playing
Size 91 MB
Mods One Hit, Disabled Normal Attack
Google Playstore

3.7 Rating (410) Votes

3.7 Rating (410 Votes )
Price: $ 0
The Adventure of Searching for Giants

GiantN: The Ultimate Adventure Awaits

The Thrilling Quest for Giants in a Mobile RPG

Are you ready to embark on an epic journey in search of Giants? Look no further than GiantN, a mobile RPG that offers simplicity and an adrenaline-filled experience. With its optimized gameplay for mobile devices and revolutionary features, GiantN is set to redefine your gaming experience.

▣ Key Features ▣

1. Optimized for Mobile: Enjoy the sheer delight and convenience of playing GiantN on your mobile device. The exhilarating fun is just a tap away, bringing a whole new level of immersion.

2. Endless Choices and Exploration: Every decision you make leads to endless possibilities. Meet fascinating characters, engage in thrilling battles, and gather resources that will shape your adventure. The power to choose is in your hands.

3. Simple Yet Tactical Battles: The game’s controls are designed to be simple, but the depth of strategy lies within your choices. As you engage in battles, you’ll witness the evolution of battle mechanics and experience the thrill of victorious tactics.

4. Stimulating Fever Time: Bid farewell to mundane farming methods. Enter the exhilarating Fever Time, where your resources accumulate as you continue to explore. Get ready to feel the heat of the Fever firsthand!

5. A Feast of Various Contents: Dive into an array of captivating content, from endless exploration and intense battles to fierce PvP competitions and daunting raids. Confront powerful World Bosses, embark on hero quests, and delve into underground dungeons. Your choices shape your destiny.


– Optimized for mobile devices, offering convenience and accessibility.
– Endless possibilities and outcomes based on your choices.
– Simple controls with deep tactical depth in battles.
– Engaging Fever Time mechanic for resource accumulation.
– Diverse and thrilling content to explore and conquer.


– Requires access permissions for photos, media, and files on the device.
– Some players may find the game overwhelming due to the multitude of content.

▣ How It Works ▣

To begin your adventure with GiantN, simply download the game from the app store. Once installed, immerse yourself in a world brimming with giants, battles, and exploration. Take control of your destiny as you make crucial choices that shape the course of your journey. Engage in tactical battles, strategize in Fever Time, and partake in diverse content to carve out your legacy in this mobile RPG sensation.

▣ Conclusion ▣

In the realm of mobile RPGs, GiantN stands out as a captivating and immersive experience. With its focus on simplicity, depth, and thrilling content, it offers a gaming adventure like no other. Whether you’re a casual player looking for entertainment on the go or a dedicated gamer seeking a new conquest, GiantN has something remarkable to offer. Embrace the excitement, make your choices, and set forth on the quest for giants today.

▣ Frequently Asked Questions ▣

1. Is GiantN free to play?
– Yes, GiantN is free to download and play. However, it may offer in-app purchases for certain items or enhancements.

2. What makes GiantN unique compared to other mobile RPGs?
– GiantN sets itself apart with its emphasis on simple controls and deep tactical gameplay. The range of content, from exploration to battles, provides an immersive experience.

3. Are there social features in GiantN?
– GiantN offers various social interactions, including PvP battles and collaborative raids, allowing players to engage with each other.

4. How often is the game updated with new content?
– The developers regularly update GiantN with new content, events, and features to keep the gameplay experience fresh and exciting.

5. Is an internet connection required to play GiantN?
– Yes, an internet connection is required to play GiantN as it features online multiplayer interactions and regular content updates.

With GiantN, the world of mobile RPGs is about to change. Get ready to embark on an adventure like no other, where giants, battles, and endless exploration await you.Embrace the thrill of gaming on your mobile device and experience the magic of GiantN today!

  • Exchanging remaining Hero Souls Fixed minor bugs

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