Role PlayingMonsterEater (Idle RPG)

MonsterEater (Idle RPG)

MonsterEater (Idle RPG)
App Name MonsterEater (Idle RPG)
Latest Version v.1.0.38
Last Updated
Publisher mafgames (Idle Games Tycoon Games)
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Role Playing Role Playing
Size 159 MB
Mods Menu, Damage, God mode
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3.5 Rating (497) Votes

3.5 Rating (497 Votes )
Price: $ 0
DNA collection RPG that wakes up Monster in my soul

Transforming into Monsters in MonsterEater (Idle RPG)


Are you ready to embark on an adventure in a parallel universe where you, as Hongsik, have the extraordinary power of transforming into powerful monsters? MonsterEater, the latest incremental RPG by MafGames, takes you on a journey to save a universe on the brink of apocalypse. With its unique concept of monster transformation, thematic dungeons, and engaging pixel art, MonsterEater promises an immersive gaming experience for enthusiasts of the genre.

Key Features

1. Incremental RPG
MonsterEater offers an awesome free work experience! Even when the game is turned off, Hongsik tirelessly works in the parallel universe, allowing you to grow your character effortlessly.

2. Link Characters
Collect gauges to transform into potent link monsters and devise diverse strategies based on the skills of different monsters.

3. Pixel Art
Immerse yourself in the retro-style game with the visually captivating pixel art depicting the apocalypse in a parallel universe.

4. Themed Dungeons
Explore and reap rewards from the Eater Bank, Eater Market, and Equipment Dungeon, providing you with gold, EXP, equipment, and upgrade materials.

5. Souls
Summon souls to enhance Hongsik’s strength by gaining highly efficient additional stats.

6. Level Up
Progress from Iron to Challenger, unlocking powerful stats and abilities to confront the challenges ahead.


– Engaging incremental gameplay, allowing character growth even when the game is not actively played.
– Diverse monster transformations and link character mechanics for strategic depth.
– Visually appealing retro-style pixel art depicting the parallel universe.
– Abundant rewards and resources in the themed dungeons for character progression.
– Soul system enhancing character stats and abilities.
– Progressive leveling system unlocking powerful stats and abilities.


– Lack of information on specific gameplay mechanics and character progression strategies.
– Potential for repetition in the incremental gameplay loop.

How it Works

In MonsterEater, players assume the role of Hongsik, a warrior with the ability to transform into monsters. The game operates on an incremental RPG basis, wherein Hongsik continues to work tirelessly in the parallel universe, even when the game is turned off. This allows for continuous character growth and progress, providing a seamless gaming experience. By collecting gauges, players can unleash powerful link monsters and strategize based on the unique skills and attributes of the transformed monsters.

The game’s pixel art creates a visually captivating representation of the apocalypse in the parallel universe, immersing players in a retro-style gaming experience. Players can explore themed dungeons such as the Eater Bank, Eater Market, and Equipment Dungeon to acquire gold, EXP, equipment, and upgrade materials. Additionally, the soul system allows players to summon souls, enhancing Hongsik’s stats and overall strength. As players progress through the game, they can level up Hongsik, unlocking increasingly powerful stats and abilities, ultimately preparing for the impending challenges.


MonsterEater presents an intriguing concept of character transformation, offering an engaging incremental RPG experience. With its thematic dungeons, captivating pixel art, and strategic depth through link characters, the game provides a unique and immersive gaming journey. While it may have some aspects that require further clarity, the overall experience of MonsterEater is promising for players seeking a captivating idle RPG adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes MonsterEater stand out among other incremental RPGs?
MonsterEater sets itself apart with its concept of character transformation into monsters, offering a unique gameplay mechanic and strategic depth through link characters.

2. How does the incremental progression work in MonsterEater?
Even when the game is not actively played, the character, Hongsik, continues to work and progress in the parallel universe, fostering continuous growth and development.

3. Are there plans for further updates and expansions in MonsterEater?
The development team has expressed their commitment to enhancing the game with future updates, potentially introducing new content and features to enrich the gameplay experience.

4. Can players expect diverse challenges and content in MonsterEater?
Themed dungeons, character progression, and the strategic elements of link characters provide players with a diverse array of challenges and engaging content to explore within the game.

5. How does the soul system contribute to the gameplay in MonsterEater?
The soul system allows players to summon souls, enhancing Hongsik’s stats and abilities, thereby adding a layer of depth to character customization and progression.

  • 1.0.40Ver - Improvement in app stability

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