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Valiant Force 2
App Name Valiant Force 2
Latest Version v.1.6.1
Last Updated
Publisher XII Braves PTE LTD
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Strategy Strategy
Size 1 GB
Mods MENU, Immortal
Google Playstore

3.7 Rating (473) Votes

3.7 Rating (473 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Recruit, train, and deploy Heroes in the fight to save Arathos from itself.

What to Expect from Valiant Force 2: Everything You Need to Know

Introduction to the Sequel

Valiant Force 2 takes players a decade forward, revisiting the realm of Arathos, which is once again plunged into turmoil. The pivotal disappearance of the Crystal of Arathos and its guardian, Leon Daracan, has left the land vulnerable to external threats. This has resulted in the populace becoming deeply divided, with some holding onto their faith in the Hero of Arathos, while others accuse him of betrayal. In the midst of this chaos, Elise Arkwright, a resolute knight, along with her companions, Felix Vulcan and Maeve Astraea, takes on the mantle of restoring peace and stability to the realm. This journey will challenge their beliefs, their allegiances, and the very essence of truth itself.

Engrossing Gameplay

Valiant Force 2 provides an immersive online Strategy RPG experience, eagerly anticipated by both existing and new fans of the Arathos universe. Players will navigate through battles against demons, renegade knights, and formidable creatures using familiar gameplay mechanics augmented with innovative tactical elements.

Classic Battle System

The game features a classic turn-based battle system, enabling players to dominate the battlefield and outmaneuver adversaries. With the Hero Job System, players can enhance their skill set and power level, while also customizing their Heroes using a diverse range of equipment and runes to align with their gameplay preferences.

Unique Combat Systems

Valiant Force 2 reintroduces the Aura Trigger system, a hallmark of the franchise, on an expanded battlefield. Players must master new combat features such as Elemental dynamics and Auron Cards to gain the upper hand in battles.

Airship Battles

A novel PVP mode allows players to engage in exhilarating dogfights in the skies, striving to dismantle their opponent’s Zephyrite-powered airship before facing the same fate.

New Cast of Heroes

Players can summon both familiar and fresh faces to accompany them on their epic adventure, including the stalwart Valiants, nefarious Dark Lords, the seafaring Stormborn League, and the calculative Sons of Midas.

Expansive In-Game Events

The game extends beyond the core campaign, presenting players with additional stories and quests, featuring both new and returning heroes, promising exclusive rewards for intrepid adventurers.

Stunning Soundtrack

A treat for the senses awaits players with the return of a captivating world and an evocative musical score by Hitoshi Sakimoto, the celebrated Japanese composer known for his work on Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII.

Support Channels

Players will have access to dedicated support channels, including in-game Customer Service chat, along with the option to provide feedback via email, Facebook, Discord, and the official website to address any encountered issues.

Pros and Cons of Valiant Force 2


1. **Engaging Storyline:** The game presents a rich and immersive narrative that unfolds in the realm of Arathos, offering an intriguing backdrop for the gameplay.
2. **Classic Battle System:** The utilization of a tried-and-tested turn-based battle system provides a familiar yet captivating experience for players.
3. **Innovative Combat Features:** Addition of new combat elements such as the Aura Trigger system and airship battles adds depth and excitement to the gameplay.
4. **Diverse Heroes:** The inclusion of a varied cast of heroes, both old and new, presents players with a range of characters to explore and employ in their quests.
5. **Regular Events and Quests:** Ongoing in-game events and quests promise to keep the gameplay experience fresh and rewarding for players.


1. **Potential Learning Curve:** The introduction of new combat systems may require a learning curve for some players, potentially impacting their initial experience.
2. **Balancing Challenges:** Introducing new heroes and combat dynamics may pose challenges in ensuring a balanced gameplay experience, which the developers will need to address effectively.

How Valiant Force 2 Works

Valiant Force 2, as a free-to-play online Strategy RPG, immerses players in the realm of Arathos, where they will experience a compelling storyline and engage in tactical battles against various adversaries. The game utilizes a classic turn-based battle system, enabling players to strategically outmaneuver their opponents.

Players can enhance their Heroes through the Hero Job System, customizing their abilities and equipment to align with their preferred playstyle. The reintroduction of the Aura Trigger system, alongside new combat features such as Elemental dynamics and Auron Cards, adds depth and variety to the battles.

Furthermore, the inclusion of airship battles as a new PVP mode introduces an additional layer of excitement and strategic gameplay. Players can assemble a diverse team of heroes, both familiar and new, to navigate through the extensive in-game events and quests, promising exclusive rewards and ongoing engagement.

A captivating musical score by Hitoshi Sakimoto enhances the overall gaming experience, complementing the immersive world of Arathos. The game also offers dedicated support channels for players to address any encountered issues or provide feedback, maintaining a player-centric approach.


Valiant Force 2 presents an enticing prospect for both devoted fans and new players, offering an enriched universe of Arathos with a compelling storyline and engaging gameplay. The game’s blend of familiar mechanics and innovative elements, alongside a diverse cast of heroes and ongoing in-game events, promises an immersive and dynamic gaming experience. With the return of the renowned composer Hitoshi Sakimoto, players can expect to be enveloped in a captivating musical journey through the realm of Arathos.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Valiant Force 2 a paid game?
Valiant Force 2 is a free-to-play online Strategy RPG, offering players the opportunity to delve into the realm of Arathos without an initial purchase.

2. What are the support channels available for the game?
Players can access support through in-game Customer Service chat, as well as provide feedback via email, Facebook, Discord, and the official website.

3. Are there in-game events and quests in Valiant Force 2?
Yes, the game offers expansive in-game events and quests that will be released on a regular basis, featuring both new and returning heroes, and promising exclusive rewards for players.

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