StrategyHigan: Eruthyll

Higan: Eruthyll

Higan: Eruthyll
App Name Higan: Eruthyll
Latest Version v.1.0
Last Updated
Publisher BILIBILI
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Strategy Strategy
Size 1.15 GB

1. Optimized players’ experience in the early stage.
2. Added various new characters and improved the experience of character growth.
3. Optimized the performance and compatibility of the game.

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3.6 Rating (572) Votes

3.6 Rating (572 Votes )
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Higan: Eruthyll is a 3D real-time combat RPG that brings fantasy to theater.

The World of Higan: Eruthyll

Introducing Higan: Eruthyll, the Ultimate Fantasy RPG Experience

Are you ready to embark on an epic journey in the fantastical world of Higan: Eruthyll? This 3D real-time combat RPG is set to redefine the way you perceive fantasy gaming. Step into the captivating universe of Planet Eruthyll, where you have the opportunity to unleash diverse tactics, engage in dynamic instructions, and immerse yourself in touching stories presented through stunning cutscenes.

Shuttle Between Worlds, Reclaim the Reality

As the acting Director, you will assume the leadership of the Gopher Troupe and partake in a heroic battle against the Arrival of Fantasyland. Your primary objective is to rescue the inhabitants of Eruthyll from a death-like slumber and endeavor to restore reality from the clutches of an eternal nightmare.

Immerse in Spectacular 3D Cutscenes and Intense Battles

Prepare to be mesmerized by breathtaking 3D cutscenes brought to life by top-notch voice actors. The game offers an immersive experience with dazzling ultimate skills, movie-like ACT gameplay, and an elaborate chase camera that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout.

Dynamic Instructions, Dominate at Your Fingertips

Higan: Eruthyll presents a unique gameplay experience with dynamic instructions. Harness the power of bullet time to strategize and dominate the heat of battle like never before.

Control the Magic Tech, Embrace a Renaissance

The game boasts a distinct art style that seamlessly combines magic and technology, taking you on a visual journey filled with wonders such as hyperspace and the refraction of light. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this Renaissance-inspired world.

Build Your Own Squad, Rise Against Fantasyland

Unleash the power of a diverse array of characters belonging to six unique classes and five elemental affinities. Arm them with Play Inspirations of multiple themes to build your finest squad and lead them into battle against the forces of Fantasyland, heralding the dawn of hope for Planet Eruthyll.

Stay Connected

Join the Higan: Eruthyll community and stay updated on the latest news, events, and developments.

Key Features of Higan: Eruthyll

1. Captivating Storyline

Immerse yourself in a rich and engaging narrative filled with touching stories and compelling characters as you embark on a quest to reclaim reality from an eternal nightmare.

2. Stunning 3D Cutscenes

Experience the beauty of meticulously crafted 3D cutscenes that bring the fantastical world of Eruthyll to life, accompanied by top-notch voice acting that adds depth to the storytelling.

3. Dynamic Combat System

Engage in intense real-time battles with a dynamic combat system that empowers you to employ diverse tactics and dominate the battlefield with precision and strategy.

4. Unique Art Style

Explore a visually stunning world that seamlessly blends magic and technology, offering a renaissance-inspired aesthetic that is truly captivating.

5. Diverse Character Classes and Elements

Assemble a powerful squad by choosing from six distinct character classes and harnessing the elemental affinities of five different elements, allowing for diverse and strategic team compositions.

Pros of Playing Higan: Eruthyll

1. Immersive Gaming Experience

With its stunning visuals, engaging storytelling, and dynamic gameplay, Higan: Eruthyll offers an immersive gaming experience that will captivate players from start to finish.

2. Strategic Depth

The game’s dynamic combat system and diverse character options provide players with ample opportunities to strategize and customize their approach to battles, adding depth to the gameplay experience.

3. Unique Art Direction

The fusion of magic and technology in the game’s art style creates a visually unique and captivating world that sets it apart from other RPG titles.

4. Community Engagement

By joining the Higan: Eruthyll community, players can connect with fellow fans, stay informed about updates, and participate in events, fostering a sense of camaraderie and belonging.

Cons of Playing Higan: Eruthyll

1. Learning Curve

New players may find the game’s combat mechanics and character customization initially overwhelming, requiring a learning curve to fully grasp the intricacies of gameplay.

2. Time Commitment

Due to the immersive nature of the game and the depth of its storytelling, players may need to invest significant time to fully experience and appreciate all that Higan: Eruthyll has to offer.

How It Works

1. **Embark on a Heroic Journey**: Dive into the captivating storyline of Higan: Eruthyll as you lead the Gopher Troupe in a grand battle against the forces of Fantasyland.

2. **Engage in Dynamic Combat**: Utilize the game’s dynamic combat system and diverse character classes to strategically navigate intense real-time battles.

3. **Immerse Yourself in Stunning Visuals**: Experience the beauty of Planet Eruthyll through meticulously crafted 3D cutscenes and a unique art style that seamlessly blends magic and technology.

4. **Build Your Squad**: Select characters from six diverse classes and harness the power of five elemental affinities to assemble a formidable squad ready to face the challenges ahead.

5. **Connect with the Community**: Stay connected with the game’s community through various platforms to stay informed, engage with fellow players, and participate in exciting events.


Higan: Eruthyll is a game that offers a compelling combination of immersive storytelling, stunning visuals, dynamic gameplay, and community engagement. By venturing into the captivating world of Planet Eruthyll, players can indulge in a rich fantasy experience filled with strategic depth and unforgettable moments. Although it may present a learning curve for newcomers, the rewards of investing time and effort into Higan: Eruthyll are boundless, making it a standout title in the realm of RPG gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Higan: Eruthyll a multiplayer game?

No, Higan: Eruthyll is a single-player RPG experience designed to immerse players in a captivating storyline and dynamic combat system within the fantastical world of Planet Eruthyll.

2. What platforms is Higan: Eruthyll available on?

Currently, Higan: Eruthyll is available on select platforms, including [List the available platforms here].

3. How often does Higan: Eruthyll receive updates?

The development team is committed to providing regular updates and new content to enhance the gaming experience for players. Stay tuned to the official channels for announcements regarding updates and new features.

  • New version is now available New chapter [Feast Haze] Following the unusual aroma of food, we headed to the Oriental Jinezhe Restaurant and accidentally awakened a girl who had been sleeping in an ice coffin. Who is she? And what kind of past and future does she have? [Optimizations] 1.Added new main storyline and character [Tibby] 2.Added new difficulty level in [Starlight Express] 3.Optimized auto-battle system

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