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Karate King Fighting APK 2.5.9

Karate King Kung Fu Fight Game
App Name Karate King Kung Fu Fight Game
Latest Version v.2.5.9
Last Updated
Publisher Fighting Sports
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Role Playing Role Playing
Size 144.67 Mb
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4.4 Rating (847) Votes

4.4 Rating (847 Votes )
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Win Knockout karate king fight games!

Dive into the world of amazing kung fu karate fighting games!

Two Incredible Cinematic Stories

A kung fu karate academy boss sets up a karate fighting game tournament. Many unbeatable karate fighters were trained by him. You want to cultivate your martial arts fighting games strength and win this karate kung fu fight. To win the title of karate king, you have to face the strongest and clever karate fighters skilled in different fighting styles like taekwondo, muay thai and kick boxing games.

Enter the world of karate kung fu fighting games, and seize it all. Be the greatest martial arts fighter by winning karate king fighting game. Master your fighting skills in dragon fight and become the legend of karate warriors. Defeating the boss in karate king kung fu fight is not enough. You have to stop dragons from destroying the city. Make a martial arts fighters’ clan and save the city from the wrath of the dragons & rebel fighters.

Accept karate fighting games challenges and defeat them. During martial arts fighting games, you know the killer face of the boss. But what happened when the boss himself challenged you. Fight with him and reveal all his dark secrets in karate king kung fu fighting games.

New Challenging Fighting Games Modes

Story Mode and VS Mode

Accept the karate fight challenges of wild opponents and beat them up one by one. Train your kung fu fighter hard so that he progresses from a simple fighter to a karate king. In VS mode of karate boxing games, fight against other kung fu fighters and give them tough competition. In kung fu fighting games, this mode offers the chance to fight with other players.

Knockout Mode

Knockout your rivals with a single kung fu boxing games move and win karate fighting games. Use special martial arts moves to avoid your competitors’ attacks and fight back with your extreme combo hits.

Hyper Mode

Test your wrecking and martial arts fighting game skills in hyper mode. Hunt the dragon and save the city from destruction.

These new challenging modes allow players to test their karate fighting games skills through complex challenges and provide more ways to experience the incredible kung fu fights. Be the greatest karate punch boxing fighter by winning the battle against powerful kung fu fighters and boxing heroes in boxing games.

Free Upgraded Features:

  • Easy-to-use controls create a unique experience
  • Different range of kung fu fighting rivals
  • Select your character from the roster
  • Customize the power of fighters
  • Thrilling Combat Action moves
  • Amazing visuals and thrilling sound effects
  • Enhanced graphics and improved animations
  • Fight in multiple arenas
  • Unlimited fighting levels and new challenging modes
  • Claim unlimited daily rewards

New Powerful and Charismatic Fighters

Choose unforgettable characters from the roster of karate fighters with unique capabilities and ultimate kung fu fighting moves. Make a powerful, versatile, and unbeatable team to wreck your enemies. Train your fighter and develop his boxing games skills. You can customize their power, health, and speed for a better win.

Daily New Missions and Ultimate Rewards

Clear daily missions of kung fu fight and claim different rewards in martial arts fighting games. Prepare your character for an epic karate fight and earn special rewards. Level after level, you will face more difficult enemies. Test your boxing game skills by accepting tough martial arts challenges.

Make Your Opponent See your moves!

Karate King Kung Fu Fight is one of the action-packed karate fighting games. This kung fu fighting game provides you the nail-biting experience of kick boxing games in different arenas. It gives you an amazing opportunity to equip yourself with fantastic boxing games moves and dozens of martial arts techniques.

Don’t miss the thrilling adventure to be a Karate King!


Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of karate kung fu fighting games with Karate King Fighting APK 2.5.9. Take on challenging opponents, unlock powerful fighters, and conquer new modes to become the ultimate karate king. With daily missions and unlimited rewards, the thrill of kung fu fights awaits you. Step into the arena, unleash your martial arts prowess, and emerge as the legendary Karate King!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different game modes available in Karate King Fighting APK 2.5.9?

The game offers Story Mode, VS Mode, Knockout Mode, and Hyper Mode, each presenting unique challenges and experiences for players to enjoy.

Can I customize my fighters in Karate King Fighting APK 2.5.9?

Absolutely! Players can choose from a diverse roster of karate fighters and customize their power, health, and speed to create a formidable team.

Are there daily missions and rewards in Karate King Fighting APK 2.5.9?

Yes, players can undertake daily missions to earn special rewards, adding an extra layer of excitement and engagement to the game.


  • - New 3D Characters Added - New Mode Selection Menu Added - Improved Karate King Fight UI. - Updated fighting games rewards - Upgraded new sounds in gameplay.

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