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Lvelup RPG

Lvelup RPG
App Name Lvelup RPG
Latest Version v.3.1.6
Last Updated
Publisher YoshiyukiNakashima
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Role Playing Role Playing
Size 285 MB
Mods MENU, One Hit
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3.6 Rating (962) Votes

3.6 Rating (962 Votes )
Price: $ 0
For level-up addicts,Open world RPG Leveling every day with Onehanded operation

The Ultimate Guide to Levelup RPG: Mastering the Game and Conquering the Island


In Levelup RPG, the island is overflowing with monsters, and it’s your task to hunt them down. The unique feature of this game is the infinite leveling system, allowing you to continuously raise your level. As you level up, you collect crystals, which can be used to obtain powerful swords.

Key Features

– 🎮 Infinite leveling system
– 🗡️ Obtain powerful swords with crystals
– 🐉 Subjugate the Demon King

How to Play

Your primary objective in Levelup RPG is to defeat the monsters and expand your area by meeting specific conditions. These conditions include reaching certain levels and battling boss monsters, ultimately leading to the subjugation of the Demon King.

Gameplay and Controls

– Move: Scroll the bottom half of the screen
– Camera Movement: Scroll the top half of the screen left and right
– Battle: Press the “Strike” button to approach the enemy
– Escape: Press the “Nigeru” button to evade battles
– Recovery: Press the “Kaifuku” button to restore 20% of HP

Additional Content

Apart from leveling up, you can enhance your gameplay through:
– Leveling up the sword using dropped materials from monsters
– Sword synthesis by combining duplicate swords for power-ups
– Allocating skill points to increase the hero’s stats as you level up

Pros and Cons of Levelup RPG


– 🌟 Endless leveling provides a unique and engaging experience
– ⚔️ The ability to obtain powerful swords adds depth to the gameplay
– 🐲 Challenging boss battles add excitement and progression


– ⏳ Limited information on advanced gameplay tactics
– 🔄 Lack of detailed instructions for sword synthesis and skill allocation

How Levelup RPG Works

To start, you need to focus on defeating the monsters and meeting the conditions to expand your gameplay area. Collecting crystals is crucial, as they enable you to obtain powerful swords, essential for overcoming the challenges the island presents. Additionally, mastering the controls for movement, battle, and recovery is key to success.


Levelup RPG presents an innovative and engaging gaming experience with its infinite leveling system and the pursuit of powerful swords. The game’s challenges and boss battles add excitement and progression, making it a must-try for RPG enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a level cap in Levelup RPG?

In Levelup RPG, the leveling system is infinite, allowing you to continuously progress and collect crystals.

2. Can I increase the level of my sword?

Yes, you can raise the level of your sword using materials dropped by monsters, providing a significant advantage in battles.

3. How do I allocate skill points in Levelup RPG?

Skill points are allocated automatically as you level up, enhancing the hero’s stats and abilities.

This comprehensive guide equips you with the knowledge to navigate the world of Levelup RPG successfully. Embrace the challenge and embark on an epic adventure to conquer the island’s challenges!

  • Ver 3.2.1〜4 ・Christmas event held period:〜12/31/2023 ・Christmas login bonus held ・Changed the level to release Blue night in "Demon Lord" to Lv.400 ・Added "exchange place" to Christmas event where you can always exchange 〜Ver 3.1.5 - Changed the method of obtaining rare dungeon tickets and Mysterious Coliseum tickets to "Mysterious Dungeon Treasure Chest/Boss" only. - Added display of current area on map screen - Event stage “Mysterious Dungeon” added! - New accessories, sword, and wings added!

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