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Realm of Spirit

Realm of Spirit
App Name Realm of Spirit
Latest Version v.2.4.2
Last Updated
Publisher Metaworld Entertainment Inc
Requirements Android 4.4 Android 4.4
Category Role Playing Role Playing
Size 607 MB
Mods Latest Version
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3.5 Rating (201) Votes

3.5 Rating (201 Votes )
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Realm of Spirits is an innovative MMO turn-based RPG set in a fantasy world.

Introducing the Mesmerizing Realm of Spirit: A Turn-Based RPG Adventure

Welcome to the Realm of Spirits, an enchanting realm where magic and mystery intertwine to create an immersive RPG experience like no other. In this captivating MMO game, players are invited to embark on a mesmerizing journey through a fantastical world, brimming with adventure, strategy, and unbridled excitement. With an array of unique character classes, breathtaking visuals, and an innovative turn-based gameplay, Realm of Spirits offers a gaming experience that is both exhilarating and deeply engaging.

Key Features

  1. New Turn-Based Gameplay: Prepare to immerse yourself in a world where the art of strategy takes center stage. Engage in thrilling turn-based battles, featuring an array of skill combinations and battle formations, as you test your tactical prowess against formidable foes.
  2. Team Up & Defeat Bosses: Forge alliances, join forces with friends, and vanquish powerful adversaries through seamless team play. The automatic battle function simplifies the process, allowing you to focus on the thrill of combat.
  3. Recruit Rare Beasts: Uncover the secrets of the guardian system, allowing you to pre-select and recruit coveted beasts. Say goodbye to randomness and hello to control as you shape your destiny in the game.
  4. Skip the Grind with Easy Upgrades: Bid farewell to tedious grinding with the game’s idle gameplay, and revel in the convenience of earning rewards offline. Seamless upgrades and effortless task completion await, granting you the freedom to enjoy the game at your own pace.
  5. One-Click Trading System: Embark on enthralling treasure hunts, partake in exhilarating events and effortlessly trade items with a single click. Unleash the full potential of your inventory and revel in the spoils of your adventures.

Gameplay: How it Works

In Realm of Spirits, players are welcomed into a world teeming with possibilities. As they delve into the game’s mechanics, they’ll have the opportunity to select from a diverse array of character classes, each endowed with unique abilities and skills. Whether it’s the cunning tactics of a spellcaster or the brute force of a warrior, the game offers a compelling fusion of gameplay styles that cater to diverse player preferences. The turn-based combat mechanics add an extra layer of depth, requiring players to strategize and adapt to a myriad of challenges.

One of the most captivating aspects of the game is the ability to recruit rare guardians. Unlike traditional random draws, the game’s whitelisting system empowers players to exert control over their recruitment process, ensuring that they secure the guardians of their choice. This feature adds an enthralling element of agency, allowing players to curate their own entourage of mythical creatures.

The game’s idle gameplay mechanic is a boon for those seeking a more laid-back approach. By offering the option to earn rewards while offline, Realm of Spirits promotes a flexible gaming experience, where players can progress at their leisure. The seamless integration of idle play with traditional turn-based combat ensures that players can relish the excitement of battle while also reaping the benefits of passive progression.

Furthermore, the one-click trading system presents a streamlined approach to managing in-game items. Whether it’s selling surplus treasures or acquiring coveted assets, players can engage in the bustling marketplace with unparalleled ease, unencumbered by cumbersome trading processes.

Pros and Cons


  • Immersive turn-based gameplay
  • Diverse character classes with unique abilities
  • Controlled recruitment of rare guardians
  • Convenient idle gameplay for passive progression
  • Effortless one-click trading system


  • May require internet connectivity for certain features
  • Idle gameplay may not be appealing to all players
  • Learning curve for mastering strategic combinations


In conclusion, Realm of Spirits stands as a captivating embodiment of inventive gameplay and immersive RPG elements. With its innovative turn-based mechanics, diverse character classes, and engaging recruitment system, the game offers a wealth of opportunities for players to embark on enthralling adventures within a richly crafted fantasy realm. Whether it’s the thrill of strategic battles or the allure of commanding rare guardians, Realm of Spirits beckons players to partake in an enchanting odyssey through the ethereal realm of spirits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I play Realm of Spirits offline?
A: While certain features may require internet connectivity, the game offers an idle gameplay mode that allows for offline progression and rewards.

Q: How many character classes are available in the game?
A: Realm of Spirits features four major character classes, each presenting a distinct playstyle and set of abilities.

Q: What sets the guardian recruitment system apart from traditional gacha mechanics?
A: Unlike standard gacha draws, the game incorporates a whitelisting system that empowers players to pre-select their desired guardians, granting them a greater sense of agency and control over the recruitment process.

Q: Are there ongoing events and challenges in the game?
A: Yes, players can partake in timed challenges, special events, and treasure hunts, enriching their gaming experience with diverse activities and rewards.

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