AdventureBRIXITY - Sandbox&Multiplayer

BRIXITY – Sandbox&Multiplayer

BRIXITY - Sandbox&Multiplayer
App Name BRIXITY - Sandbox&Multiplayer
Latest Version v.2.0.02
Last Updated
Publisher Devsisters Corporation
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Adventure Adventure
Size 489 MB
Google Playstore

4.3 Rating (890) Votes

4.3 Rating (890 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Create your own city. Make your own play map. You can do anything in BRIXITY!

Introducing BRIXITY: Your Ultimate Sandbox City Building Experience

Unveiling BRIXITY – A City Building Game Beyond Imagination

A desolate Earth awaits your visionary touch in the year 2523. As the chosen Brixmaster, your mission is to revitalize the planet using purifying substances called ‘Brix.’ This Sandbox City Building Game, **BRIXITY**, beckons you to unleash your creativity and rebuild a thriving civilization with the adorable Pipo inhabitants.

1. **Creating Your Unique Play Map**
Dive into the realm of game creation with BRIXITY. Craft custom game modes, employing millions of Blueprints and thousands of Brix elements. The newly introduced multiplayer mode extends the creative possibilities, enabling activities like speed races and hammer bop wars. Engage in social interactions with fellow players and relish games curated by the community.

2. **Tailored City Building**
Unleash your town building ideas and creativity, sculpting a city that mirrors your vision. BRIXITY provides an array of tools to bring your urban dreams to life. The city tycoon adventure promises unique content, a lively populace, and dynamic social engagements.

3. **Life with Pipo Inhabitants**
Prepare a city that caters to the diverse personalities and unique quirks of the Pipos. Witness these endearing characters indulge in playful activities, sprinkling joy across your city. Assume the role of a city manager, assigning tasks and fostering an environment where the Pipos thrive.

4. **Explore, Build, and Share**
Embrace collaborative city building experiences by sharing blueprints with friends and fellow players. Immerse yourself in the ingenuity of BRIXITY builders worldwide. Draw inspiration from others’ creations or inspire the community with the vast opportunities afforded by this city building marvel.

Unravel the boundless possibilities, interact with a global creative community, and embark on a journey that celebrates the art of creation. With **BRIXITY**, the canvas of creation is infinite, and the world eagerly awaits your exploration.

Join the BRIXITY Community

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Experience the ultimate city building adventure with **BRIXITY**, where no special permissions are required to embark on this journey. The game is optimized for devices like the Galaxy S9 with a minimum of 3GB RAM.

Why Choose BRIXITY?

Key Features

– Unleash your creativity with millions of Blueprints and thousands of Brix elements.
– Engage in multiplayer modes, offering endless gaming experiences.
– Tailor your city as a reflection of your wildest town-building dreams.
– Curate a bustling metropolis filled with the lovable Pipos, each with their individual quirks.
– Collaborate and share your creations with a vibrant global community.


– Endless creative possibilities with no limits on imagination.
– Engaging multiplayer mode for social interactions and shared gaming experiences.
– Unique city building adventure with diverse and playful Pipo inhabitants.


– The game may be hardware-intensive, requiring a device with optimal specifications for an enhanced experience.


**BRIXITY** is a world of endless creation, collaboration, and exploration. Players assume the role of the Brixmaster, entrusted with the monumental task of reviving Earth through innovative city building. The game offers creative tools, expansive multiplayer modes, and a diverse community, fostering a rich ecosystem for imaginative city building adventures.

1. **Creation and Customization**
As a game creator, immerse yourself in crafting unique game modes using an extensive repository of Blueprints and Brix elements. The multiplayer mode opens up possibilities for shared gaming experiences and social interactions, transforming the city building endeavor into a collaborative art form.

2. **Tailored City Building**
**BRIXITY** empowers players to materialize their urban visions, offering an array of tools and resources to construct a city that mirrors their creativity. Engage in a vibrant city tycoon adventure, replete with varied content, an animated populace, and immersive social engagements.

3. **Adorable Pipo Inhabitants**
The Pipos, with their distinctive personalities, enliven the cityscape with playful activities, infusing joy and vibrancy into the urban tapestry. As the city manager, players shoulder the responsibility of assigning tasks and sculpting an environment that nurtures the flourishing of the Pipos.

4. **Collaborative Creativity**
Embark on a journey where collaborative city building thrives. Share blueprints with friends and fellow players, partake in exploring creations from diverse global communities, and indulge in a mutually inspiring exchange of creativity.


**BRIXITY** transcends the conventional boundaries of city building games, offering an immersive experience characterized by unparalleled creativity, vibrant social interactions, and a diverse community. With a focus on collaborative creation and imaginative ventures, BRIXITY beckons players to craft their urban utopias, nurture endearing Pipos, and engage in a global exchange of creative inspiration. Embark on this extraordinary city building odyssey and redefine the landscape of sandbox gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

**Q: Is BRIXITY available on all devices?**
A: While BRIXITY does not impose special permissions, it is optimized for devices like the Galaxy S9 with a minimum of 3GB RAM or higher for an optimal gaming experience.

**Q: Can I share my creations with friends?**
A: Absolutely! BRIXITY encourages collaborative creativity, enabling players to share blueprints and partake in a mutually inspiring exchange of city building marvels.

**Q: Are there in-game interactions with other players?**
A: Yes, the multiplayer mode in BRIXITY fosters social interactions and shared gaming experiences, offering a dynamic platform for connecting with fellow players.

**Q: What makes the Pipo inhabitants unique?**
A: Each Pipo boasts distinctive personalities and endearing quirks, enriching the cityscape with their playful activities and contributing to the vibrant tapestry of the game.

**Q: How does multiplayer mode enhance the gaming experience?**
A: The multiplayer mode extends the creative possibilities in BRIXITY, offering shared gaming experiences, social interactions, and a collaborative approach to city building.

Unleash your creativity, collaborate with a global community, and revel in the boundless opportunities that BRIXITY offers in the realm of sandbox city building.

  • Mutiplayer Mode Available Now! Team up with gamers around the world to enjoy thousands of games! - Head over to 'Play Square' and enjoy various games created by users all over the world - Create and share your own game using the in-game Play Map Editor! Play Square Season Update - New Season Special Brix added - New Season Pipos added - New Costumes Added - New Season themed events added Tutorial has been improved for a more enjoyable experience Achievements' feature added

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