AdventureWestland Survival: Cowboy Game

Westland Survival v6.3.0 MOD APK (Mod Menu/Unlimited Money/VIP)

Westland Survival: Cowboy Game
App Name Westland Survival: Cowboy Game
Latest Version v. 6.3.0
Last Updated
Publisher Helio Games
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Adventure Adventure
Size 471 MB
Mods Mod Menu/Unlimited Money/VIP
Google Playstore

4.1 Rating (779) Votes

4.1 Rating (779 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Thrive in the Wild West! Build, hunt, craft, and battle foes!
  • Mod menu:

    • VIP activated
    • All recipes
    • are open - Free purchases for coins in the store, even if they are not enough

    With the ability to choose:

    • Free crafting
    • Instant crafting on a workbench
    • Duplicate single items
    • When dividing resources, their number increases
    • Free construction and upgrades
    • 1 coin upgrade boost
    • Weapon durability
    • Infinite food
    • Unlocked all events on the global map
    • Instant movement on WALK on the global map; (if energy is not spent, events do not appear)

Unleash the Cowboy Within!

Embark on an exciting journey in the Wild West with Westland Survival, a captivating game that lets you create your own story, build a sturdy home, and defend it against dangerous enemies. Are you ready to explore the untamed wilderness, take on challenging quests, and establish yourself as a true cowboy legend?

Discover a Huge Open World

Explore a vast open world where each location offers unique resources and the chance to encounter deadly enemies. Visit Native American tribes to craft spiritual items and take on enemies at the Bandits Outpost.

Build a Wild West Ranch

Construct a shelter that will aid in your survival in the Wild West. Gather essential resources, create workbenches, obtain rare materials, and erect a formidable fortress to protect yourself from the dangers of the wild.

Craft Weapons & Armor for a Fight

Collect rare blueprints and utilize them to craft the strongest weapons and armor. Enhance your shooting skills to stand your ground in battles against bandits and adversaries.

Wild Animals Hunting

Venture out into the open world to hunt wild animals for precious furs, essential for surviving harsh weather conditions and hunger. Alternatively, tame these animals to fight by your side and support you in your endeavors.

Build a Stable & Ride a Horse

A cowboy is incomplete without a trusty steed and a ranch. Construct a stable, and your loyal horse will facilitate faster travel and aid in carrying extra items during your Western escapades. The ranch simulator allows you to create the perfect shelter.

Challenge Other Players in Ladders

Complete daily quests for bounty hunts to earn valuable rewards from the city sheriff and participate in PvP ladder matches. Bring your friends into the mix and enjoy challenging gameplay together!

Create an Alliance & Join PvP Mode

Form an alliance and establish your own town, aiming to become the most potent alliance in the Wild West. Engage in gold mining and treasure hunting, competing with other players in PvP mode for glory and riches.

Raise Your Pet. Tame Any Animal You Want

Animals serve a purpose beyond hunting. Each pet can become your loyal friend. Tame animals within the open world of the Wild West and enlist their help in combat against bandits and players worldwide from various alliances.

Limited Events

Participate in time-limited events along the Oregon Trail. Confront train raids and rescue survivors from bandits, while also engaging with traveling traders who offer unique goods to survivors.

Open a New World of the Westland Survival Game

If you’re tired of the typical zombie-themed survival games set in the last days of Earth, then Westland Survival offers a refreshing experience within an online Western world video game simulator.

Travel through the red valleys of the Wild West’s Great Oregon Trails, where outlaws and sheriffs are prepared to engage in fatal encounters for redemption. The uncharted earth is yours to discover, cowboy. Frontier pioneers, bounty hunters, and lost spirits have all found refuge in the prairies of Texas and New Mexico.

Imagine yourself riding through a desert, a red dead island in the heart of lively prairies. Your wagon convoy is ambushed by bandits, leaving you as the sole survivor – determined to exact revenge upon those gunslingers, even if it means shooting them off their horses!

However, before vengeance can be sought, there’s essential crafting to be done – building a shelter for the night, gathering wood for a bow and arrows, and even mining ores for trading with the Native Americans. Perhaps they can teach you the art of hunting deer…

Survival has no fixed rules, and your adventures do not come to a finite end; you can continue to play as the shooter in PVE/PVP mode.

Navigating through an open world multiplayer RPG game can be daunting, but as the last survivor striving to endure, you must build a shelter, strategize militarily, craft firearms, eliminate wandering spirits, vanquish monsters, and loot other players to ensure your survival.

Westland Survival – a free-to-play RPG online mobile video game with multiplayer features – has garnered a dedicated following of over 10 million players who revel in the craft survival and adventure it offers. Embark on a true exploration survival game journey in the Wild West and extend the adventure to your friends!

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Westland Survival v6.3.0 MOD APK offers an immersive and thrilling experience set in the Wild West. From establishing your own ranch to crafting essential weapons and joining forces with other players, the game provides an exciting array of activities and challenges. Dive into this online multiplayer RPG game and unleash your inner cowboy as you navigate the rugged frontiers and untamed wilderness of the Wild West.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the gameplay of Westland Survival v6.3.0 MOD APK like?

The gameplay of Westland Survival v6.3.0 MOD APK involves exploring a vast open world, building a ranch, crafting weapons and armor, hunting wild animals, riding horses, and engaging in PvP challenges and alliances. It offers a diverse and immersive experience set in the Wild West.

2. Can I play Westland Survival with friends?

Yes, Westland Survival supports multiplayer features, allowing you to form alliances, challenge other players, and embark on adventures with friends in the untamed frontier of the Wild West.

3. What sets Westland Survival apart from other survival games?

Westland Survival stands out with its unique Wild West setting, extensive crafting and building mechanics, diverse gameplay activities including hunting and horse riding, as well as the opportunity to engage in PvP challenges and alliances, offering a comprehensive and captivating experience for players.

4. How can I stay updated about Westland Survival and its events?

To stay informed about the latest events, updates, and news related to Westland Survival, you can follow their official Facebook page at and visit their official website at


  • Boo! Happy Halloween update! Buffalo Jill’s show returns with some exciting new activities and prizes! Join the major event Oct 20 – Nov 6: — Spirits Cave — It returns as a part of the Halloween event, now featuring brand-new gameplay based on special abilities! — Other beloved Harvest Fair activities — Pumpkin Hunt, Fearsome Gang, and Wheel of Fortune! — 40 boo-tiful themed items — including new Ghost horses, Phantom Rider’s armor set, Terror of Spirits gun, Piano for ranch, and more!

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