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Adorable Home

Adorable Home
App Name Adorable Home
Latest Version v.1.25.2
Last Updated
Publisher HyperBeard
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Simulation Simulation
Size 119 MB
Mods Unlimited Currency, Hearts
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4.0 Rating (882) Votes

4.0 Rating (882 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Love cute games with lots of pride? Fun house simulator with partner & cat pets!

Adorable Home: Embracing Love and Relaxation with Adorable Cats

Gather Love and Decorate Your Home

Are you and your partner looking to create a charming and cozy space to call your own? If so, Adorable Home might just be the perfect game for you. As you enter your new home, you’ll notice the essentials – a couch, a table, and a TV stand. But, there’s something missing, and that’s where the fun begins!

  1. Building the Home: The first step is to purchase a TV, a crucial element in any home. However, as much as you love binge-watching shows, there’s more to be done. Take care of household chores, prepare meals for your partner, and don’t forget about your adorable feline companion, Snow, or perhaps more cats if you decide to expand your fur family. By doing so, you’ll earn love, which can be used to buy furniture, decorations, and yes, even more cats to make your home incredibly charming.
  2. Exploring New Areas: As you progress, unlock new areas like the garden, where you can gather love from endearing woodland creatures that pay a visit to your home.
  3. Adorable Moments: The more cats you have, the more adorable moments you’ll encounter. Capture these precious moments with your retro camera and compile them in your photo album, creating a heartwarming collection of memories.
  4. Personalizing Your Space: Purchase and personalize aesthetic rooms to create a cozy environment where you and your partner can relax and share special moments together.

Embrace the Relaxing Experience

Adorable Home offers a serene and passive gaming experience, allowing you to unwind and immerse yourself in a tranquil world. While the game encourages you to check in every few hours to discover new elements, it also provides the opportunity to savor the small pleasures, such as enjoying a bowl of miso soup or simply basking in the comfort of your evolving home.

Key Features

  • Engage in simple yet meaningful tasks to nurture your home and family.
  • Capture and cherish adorable moments with your partner and pets.
  • Personalize your living space with a variety of furniture and decorations.
  • Experience a LGBTQ+-friendly environment and diverse themes handled with sensitivity.


While Adorable Home provides a tranquil experience, the passive nature of the game may not appeal to those seeking more dynamic gameplay.


The game encourages mindfulness and appreciation of the simple joys within the domestic sphere, fostering a sense of warmth and intimacy.

How it Works

Adorable Home revolves around nurturing your home and relationships through daily activities. As you care for your partner, pets, and household, you earn love, which serves as the currency for acquiring furniture, decorations, and expanding your playful feline family. Additionally, the game introduces new areas to explore, such as the garden, enhancing the overall experience.


Adorable Home provides a delightful and heartwarming glimpse into the everyday lives of a couple building their home and family. With its emphasis on love, mindfulness, and personal expression, it offers a refreshing break from the fast-paced world, allowing players to cherish the beauty of simplicity and companionship. By embracing the joy of creating a cozy and adorable home, this game invites players to savor the precious moments that define our lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Adorable Home suitable for children?
A: While Adorable Home features charming and endearing elements, it also incorporates mature themes and occasional depictions of characters in revealing outfits, making it more suitable for mature audiences.

Q: How often should I check in on the game?
A: It is recommended to check in every few hours to experience new content, gather love, and continue improving your home.

Q: Can I personalize the appearance of my characters and pets?
A: While the game primarily focuses on nurturing your home and relationships, the option to customize the appearance of your characters and pets could be an exciting addition in future updates.

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