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Juno: New Origins

Juno: New Origins
App Name Juno: New Origins
Latest Version v.1.1.108
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Publisher Jundroo LLC
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4.3 Rating (354) Votes

4.3 Rating (354 Votes )
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Build rockets, airplanes, and more and explore highly detailed 3D planets.

The Evolution of Juno: New Origins

During six years of meticulous development, Juno: New Origins has evolved from a mere rocket simulator into a comprehensive aerospace sandbox, empowering users to bring their wildest imaginations to life. From crafting rockets, airplanes, and cars to entire planets, this 3D aerospace playground offers boundless possibilities. What was once known as SimpleRockets 2 has now transcended its original identity, embracing the new title of Juno: New Origins – a name that embodies a fresh beginning.

Aerospace Sandbox

At its core, Juno: New Origins serves as a 3D aerospace sandbox where enthusiasts can harness customizable components to fabricate and trial rockets, planes, cars, or any concept conceivable. The environment is infused with realistic physics spanning across land, sea, air, and even space.

Career Mode + Tech Tree

Seize the reins of your aerospace enterprise, accruing wealth and tech points as you navigate through the game. By fulfilling contracts, players can amass monetary rewards and unearth a mix of hand-crafted and procedural contracts, bestowing countless hours of fresh gameplay. Conquering milestones and exploring landmarks lead to the acquisition of tech points, allowing access to new technologies within the tech tree. Interactive tutorials are available to guide users through the process of constructing and operating rockets, cars, and airplanes.

Resize and Reshape Parts

Empower creative expression by stretching and molding fuel tanks, wings, cargo bays, fairings, and nose cones using user-friendly tools. Adjust the size of solar panels, landing gear, pistons, jet engines, and more to align with specific requirements. Individualize crafts with custom colors and fine-tune their reflectiveness, emissiveness, and texture styles.

Design Rocket and Jet Engines

Unleash creativity by tailoring engines in a myriad of ways, such as modifying the power cycle, combustion pressure, gimbal range, fuel type, and fine-tuning nozzle performance and aesthetics. Whether crafting a powerhouse for lift-off or optimizing a vacuum engine for interplanetary travel, each engine’s performance distinctly influences its visual attributes in flight, including the expansion or contraction of the exhaust based on atmospheric pressure. Additionally, the presence of shock diamonds serves as a visual indication of suboptimal engine performance. Alternatively, users can opt for pre-built engines and initiate the launch.

Program Your Crafts

Empower crafts with functionality by effortlessly dragging and dropping code blocks to log telemetry, automate operations, and design personalized MFD touch screens. Through Vizzy, a programming language tailored for Juno: New Origins, users can expand the capabilities of their crafts while honing skills in programming, mathematics, physics, and more.

Realistic Orbit Simulation

Immerse yourself in the realistic simulation of orbits, supporting time-warp to eliminate prolonged waiting periods when traveling between planets. The Map View streamlines orbit visualization and facilitates future burn planning, enabling users to orchestrate encounters with other planets or satellites.

Download Crafts, Sandboxes, and More

Access an extensive assortment of user-uploaded crafts, sandboxes, and planets on Furthermore, users can upload their own creations and share them with the community. As contributions accumulate, individuals can ascend from a white level builder to a gold level builder and beyond.

Key Features of Juno: New Origins

1. Comprehensive Aerospace Sandbox

2. Career Mode and Tech Tree Progression

3. Versatile Part Resizing and Reshaping Tools

4. Customizable Rocket and Jet Engines

5. Craft Programming Capabilities

6. Realistic Orbit Simulation with Time-Warp

7. Extensive User-Created Content Sharing Platform

Pros of Juno: New Origins

1. Unparalleled freedom for creativity and experimentation

2. Immersive career mode offering progression and challenges

3. Comprehensive customization options for crafts and engines

4. Realistic physics and orbit simulation enriching the gameplay

5. A vibrant community fostering collaboration and creativity

Cons of Juno: New Origins

1. Complexity may present a learning curve for beginners

2. Extensive features can be overwhelming for some users

How Juno: New Origins Works

Juno: New Origins grants users the ability to unleash their creativity within a dynamic aerospace sandbox. Whether constructing rockets, planes, cars, or embarking on interplanetary voyages, the realistic physics and extensive customization tools empower players to tailor their experience. Through career mode and the tech tree progression, individuals can immerse themselves in the evolution of their aerospace endeavors, culminating in the realization of cutting-edge technologies. With user-friendly resizing and reshaping tools, crafting bespoke components becomes effortless, allowing for unparalleled personalization. Moreover, the provision for designing rocket and jet engines amplifies the scope for innovation, inviting users to craft powerhouses for lift-off or optimize engines for interplanetary travel. The craft programming capabilities, facilitated by Vizzy, unlock a realm of possibilities, fostering the integration of telemetry logging, automation, and personalized MFD touch screens.

Moreover, the realistic orbit simulation streamlines interplanetary travel, negating excessive waiting periods while enabling precise orbit planning. The platform also serves as a nexus for the sharing and discovery of user-generated content, connecting an enthusiastic community of builders, innovators, and explorers. As individuals ascend through rank levels, they contribute to and partake in a collective repository of limitless creativity.


Juno: New Origins transcends the boundaries of traditional aerospace simulation, offering a comprehensive and immersive platform for creativity, exploration, and innovation. The culmination of six years of development is evident in the intricate detailing, realistic physics, and unparalleled scope for personalization. While catering to beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike, Juno: New Origins stands as a testament to the boundless potential of amateur and professional aerospace enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What sets Juno: New Origins apart from other aerospace simulations?

Juno: New Origins distinguishes itself through its comprehensive aerospace sandbox, career mode progression, and extensive user-generated content sharing platform, fostering a community-driven experience.

2. Can users easily share their creations with the community?

Yes, individuals can upload their crafts, sandboxes, and planets to, contributing to the ever-growing repository of user-generated content.

3. Is there support for new users navigating through the platform?

Absolutely. Juno: New Origins features interactive tutorials and a vibrant community, providing ample support for beginners delving into the world of aerospace simulation.

  • Fixed bug causing settings to revert to defaults when starting on mobile.

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