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1SStory – Story Maker

1SStory - Story Maker
App Name 1SStory - Story Maker
Latest Version v.20.0
Last Updated
Publisher Digital Marketing Tools
Requirements Android 4.4 Android 4.4
Category Art Design Art Design
Size 49 MB
Mods Premium Unlocked
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4.5 Rating (598) Votes

4.5 Rating (598 Votes )
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Story maker for Instagram. 5000+ story templates & story art. Quick & Easy.

Are you looking to make a statement on Instagram? Want to elevate your social media presence with stunning visual content? Look no further than 1SStory – Story Maker. This powerful tool offers an impressive collection of 5000+ story templates designed to help you craft captivating Instagram stories effortlessly. Whether you’re a budding influencer, a small business, or a seasoned social media marketer, this story maker is your ticket to creating eye-catching content that resonates with your audience.

Key Features: Unlock the Power of Visual Storytelling

1SStory – Story Maker isn’t just another run-of-the-mill app. It comes loaded with a plethora of features designed to unleash your creativity and streamline your story creation process. Here are some key features that set 1SStory apart:

  1. 5000+ Story Templates: Access a vast library of professionally designed story templates and art to kickstart your creativity.
  2. Intuitive Search Functionality: With 100+ categories, finding the perfect story template is a breeze. Simply enter your keyword and watch the magic unfold.
  3. Easy Customization: Select a story design and customize it to align with your brand aesthetic and messaging effortlessly.
  4. Flexible Editing Capabilities: Tweak the story background, add stickers, or incorporate your own visuals to make your stories truly unique.
  5. Diverse Text Options: Elevate your stories with diverse font choices and effortless text editing.
  6. Multiple Layers: Enjoy the flexibility of working with multiple layers to create visually dynamic stories.
  7. Seamless Undo/Redo: Never fear making mistakes – the app’s undo/redo functionality has your back.
  8. AutoSave & Re-Edit: Your progress is automatically saved, and you can revisit and revise your stories as needed.
  9. Easy Sharing: Save your creations to your SD card or seamlessly share them across your social media platforms.

How It Works: Creating Instagram Stories Made Simple

Making a splash on Instagram doesn’t have to be complicated. With 1SStory – Story Maker, you can transform your ideas into polished story designs in just a few simple steps:

  1. Open the story maker app on your device.
  2. Browse the extensive collection of story templates and select the one that resonates with your vision.
  3. Customize the chosen template to infuse it with your unique branding elements and messaging.
  4. Enhance your story design with additional creative elements to make it visually compelling.
  5. Save your masterpiece, share it with your audience, or revisit it for further edits – it’s that easy!

With thousands of story templates at your fingertips, crafting Instagram stories that captivate and engage your audience has never been more convenient.

Pros and Cons: Is 1SStory Right for You?

Before diving in, let’s weigh the pros and cons of using 1SStory – Story Maker to empower your Instagram game.


  • Time-Saving: With a vast selection of templates and intuitive customization options, creating compelling stories is a breeze, saving you valuable time.
  • Professional Look: Elevate your brand’s visual identity with sleek and polished story designs that exude professionalism.
  • Wide Range of Templates: From various styles to thematic options, the extensive template collection caters to diverse storytelling needs.
  • Creative Freedom: Unleash your creativity and personalize templates to align with your brand’s unique personality and style.
  • Engagement Boost: Compelling visuals can help increase audience engagement and drive traffic to your profile.


  • Subscription-Based Model: Access to premium features and a broader template selection requires a subscription, which may not align with everyone’s budget.
  • Learning Curve: While the app is user-friendly, some users may need time to explore and maximize its features fully.

When deciding whether 1SStory – Story Maker is right for you, consider the extent of your visual storytelling needs and how the app’s features align with your objectives and budget.

Story Templates Beyond Instagram: Unleash Your Creativity Across Platforms

1SStory – Story Maker isn’t limited to elevating your Instagram game. With the ability to craft stories for WhatsApp and Facebook, you can seamlessly extend your visual storytelling prowess across multiple social media platforms. Whether you’re looking to promote your products, share engaging updates, or simply express your creativity, the wide array of story templates ensures that your content shines across diverse platforms.

How It Works: Creating Professional Stories for WhatsApp and Facebook

Expand your social media footprint and captivate your audience beyond Instagram with the following simple steps:

  1. Open the 1SStory – Story Maker app on your device.
  2. Explore the collection of story templates and select the one that aligns with your content goals for WhatsApp or Facebook.
  3. Customize the chosen template to reflect your messaging and brand aesthetics.
  4. Save your professionally designed story and seamlessly share it across WhatsApp or Facebook to captivate your audience.

From business promotions to personal storytelling, the versatility of 1SStory – Story Maker empowers you to make a lasting impression on various social media platforms.

Unleash Your Brand’s Potential with Story Maker for Instagram

Your Instagram profile is often the first point of contact between your brand and potential customers. With 1SStory – Story Maker, you can position your brand front and center, showcasing your products, services, and brand story with captivating and professional story designs. Whether you’re a solopreneur, a small business, or an established brand, this powerful tool equips you with the visual storytelling capabilities needed to leave a lasting impact on your audience.

By tapping into the diverse range of filters, effects, backgrounds, and story templates offered by 1SStory, the once daunting task of creating visually compelling content becomes an enjoyable and streamlined process. Craft stories that reflect your brand’s identity, resonate with your audience, and drive engagement on your Instagram profile.

Take Your Portfolio and Digital Marketing to New Heights

If you’re a digital marketing professional, 1SStory – Story Maker is poised to revolutionize your approach to storytelling and content creation. Amp up your portfolio with captivating visual content that speaks volumes about your expertise and creativity. Impress your clients with professionally designed stories that elevate their brand presence on Instagram and beyond.

From product showcases to promotional campaigns, the expansive collection of story templates and editing features within 1SStory is your secret weapon for taking your clientele’s social media presence to the next level.

Subscription Options: Unlock Premium Features for Enhanced Storytelling

To harness the full potential of 1SStory – Story Maker, the app offers flexible subscription plans with auto-renewal options. With a premium subscription, you gain access to an array of exclusive features designed to supercharge your storytelling endeavors:

  • Ad-Free Experience: Say goodbye to interruptions and immerse yourself in the creative process without distractions.
  • Premium Template Access: Unlock a broader selection of graphics, fonts, and advanced image editing features to elevate your story designs.
  • Enhanced Highlight Cover Maker: Create professional and eye-catching highlight covers for your Instagram profile effortlessly.
  • Flexible Membership: Enjoy the freedom to cancel your subscription at any time, putting you in control of your app usage.

By opting for a premium subscription, you pave the way for a seamless and elevated storytelling experience, allowing you to create impactful content that captures attention and drives results.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Visual Storytelling with 1SStory – Story Maker

Throughout your journey on Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook, the importance of visual storytelling cannot be overstated. With 1SStory – Story Maker, you gain access to a wealth of tools and resources that empower you to craft professional, engaging, and visually stunning stories that resonate with your audience.

From its extensive library of templates to its intuitive customization features, 1SStory offers an unparalleled experience in visual storytelling. Whether you’re a creative individual, a business owner, or a marketing professional, this story maker opens the door to a world of captivating content creation, helping you stand out in the crowded social media landscape.

Embrace the power of 1SStory – Story Maker and unlock your potential to captivate, engage, and leave a lasting impression with every story you share.

Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms does 1SStory – Story Maker support?

1SStory – Story Maker is designed to create stories for Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook, allowing users to craft visually compelling content for these social media platforms effortlessly.

Are the subscription plans flexible?

Absolutely! 1SStory – Story Maker offers subscription plans tailored to meet varied user needs, including one-time, monthly, and annual options, each with an auto-renewal feature. Users can cancel their memberships at any time, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

Can I personalize the story templates to align with my brand’s identity?

Yes, the app provides intuitive customization features, allowing users to personalize story templates with their own visuals, branding elements, and messaging, ensuring that the stories reflect their unique brand identity and style.

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