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Nomad Sculpt
App Name Nomad Sculpt
Latest Version v.1.76
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Publisher Hexanomad
Requirements Android 4.4 Android 4.4
Category Art Design Art Design
Size 82 MB
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4.1 Rating (465) Votes

4.1 Rating (465 Votes )
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Sculpt, paint and create in 3D

Nomad Sculpt is a powerful 3D sculpting app that provides users with a wide range of tools to unleash their creativity and create stunning 3D models right on their mobile devices. Whether you are a professional artist, a hobbyist, or a beginner exploring the world of 3D sculpting, Nomad Sculpt offers a versatile platform to bring your imagination to life.

🎨 **Key Features of Nomad Sculpt**

1. **Sculpting Tools**: Nomad Sculpt provides a comprehensive set of sculpting tools including clay, flatten, smooth, mask, as well as lasso/line/curve cutting tools to help users shape their creations with precision and detail.

2. **Stroke Customization**: With Nomad Sculpt, users can customize stroke parameters such as falloff, alphas, and pencil pressure to achieve the desired artistic effects.

3. **Painting Tools**: The app offers vertex painting with options for color, roughness, and metalness, allowing users to manage material presets effortlessly.

4. **Layers**: Users can record sculpting and painting operations in separate layers, facilitating easier iteration during the creation process and enabling them to make adjustments without affecting the entire model.

5. **Multiresolution Sculpting**: Nomad Sculpt allows users to seamlessly switch between multiple resolutions of their mesh, providing a flexible workflow and enhancing the overall sculpting experience.

6. **Voxel Remeshing**: The app enables users to quickly remesh their mesh for a uniform level of detail, making it ideal for sketching rough shapes at the initial stages of the creation process.

7. **Dynamic Topology**: Users can refine their mesh locally under the brush to achieve an automatic level of detail, with the added convenience of automatic updates to their layers.

8. **Primitive Shapes**: Nomad Sculpt offers a variety of primitive shapes such as cylinder, torus, and triplanar voxel, allowing users to initiate new shapes from scratch with ease.

9. **PBR Rendering**: The app features beautiful physically based rendering (PBR) by default, while also providing the option to upload HDRI environments and switch to matcap for standard shading during sculpting.

10. **File Compatibility**: Nomad Sculpt supports the saving and opening of glTF, OBJ, and STL files, with the preservation of layers and PBR painting specifically through GLTF files.

11. **User Interface**: The app boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, designed to deliver a seamless mobile experience with extensive customization options.

⛔ **Cons**

– Limited features in the trial version, with only one in-app purchase to unlock all functionalities.
– Constraints on undo/redo actions and layer usage.

✅ **Pros**

– Comprehensive sculpting and painting tools.
– Support for multiresolution sculpting and voxel remeshing.
– Dynamic topology for automatic level of detail.
– PBR rendering and file compatibility.

How Nomad Sculpt Works

Nomad Sculpt offers a streamlined experience for 3D sculpting and painting on mobile devices. The app’s intuitive interface and robust feature set empower users to bring their artistic visions to life with ease. Here’s how Nomad Sculpt works:

1. **Tools and Features**: Users can access a wide array of sculpting, painting, and customization tools within the app, allowing them to sculpt, paint, and manipulate 3D models with precision and creativity.

2. **Layered Approach**: Nomad Sculpt adopts a layered approach, enabling users to record and manage sculpting and painting operations in separate layers, providing greater flexibility and control over the creative process.

3. **Resolution and Remeshing**: The app allows users to work with multiresolution sculpting, seamlessly transitioning between different mesh resolutions, and performing voxel remeshing to achieve uniform levels of detail.

4. **Dynamic Detailing**: With dynamic topology, users can refine their mesh locally under the brush, automatically updating the layers, and enabling them to achieve intricate levels of detail effortlessly.

5. **Rendering and File Compatibility**: Nomad Sculpt offers PBR rendering by default, with the ability to upload HDRI environments, and supports file compatibility for saving and opening 3D models in various formats.


Nomad Sculpt emerges as a versatile and powerful 3D sculpting app, catering to the needs of artists, designers, and enthusiasts seeking a mobile solution for creating stunning 3D models. With its rich feature set, intuitive interface, and seamless workflow, Nomad Sculpt empowers users to unleash their creativity and craft intricate 3D creations with remarkable precision.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. **Is Nomad Sculpt available for all mobile platforms?**
– Nomad Sculpt is currently available for iOS and Android devices, offering a consistent and feature-rich experience across both platforms.

2. **Can I export my creations to other 3D software?**
– Yes, Nomad Sculpt supports the export of models in formats such as glTF, OBJ, and STL, ensuring compatibility with other 3D software and platforms.

3. **Does the app require a powerful device to run smoothly?**
– While Nomad Sculpt performs optimally on newer devices with improved graphics capabilities, it is designed to deliver a smooth experience across a wide range of mobile devices.

4. **Are there tutorials available for beginners?**
– The app provides comprehensive tutorials and resources to help beginners get started with 3D sculpting and explore the features and tools offered by Nomad Sculpt.

In conclusion, Nomad Sculpt stands as an exceptional choice for 3D sculpting on mobile devices, offering a feature-packed and intuitive platform for artists and enthusiasts to unleash their creativity and craft mesmerizing 3D models. Whether you are sculpting for professional projects or indulging in creative exploration, Nomad Sculpt provides the tools and flexibility to bring your artistic visions to life.

  • render: fix DOF focus update on tap gesture: tube editing with finger was possible even it shouldn’t grid: improve grid antialiasing profile: fix curve preview issue with preset replace feature profile: move folder button wasn’t always working

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