SimulationTap Wizard 2: Idle Magic Game

Tap Wizard 2: Idle Magic Game

Tap Wizard 2: Idle Magic Game
App Name Tap Wizard 2: Idle Magic Game
Latest Version v.5.1.12
Last Updated
Publisher TopCog
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Simulation Simulation
Size 95 MB
Mods God Mode, Free Shopping
Google Playstore

4.6 Rating (859) Votes

4.6 Rating (859 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Use Magic & Upgrade your Mage in Tap Wizard 2 - Idle Magic Quest! An Idle RPG!

Tap Wizard 2 – An Exciting Idle RPG Magic Quest

Are you ready to embark on an enthralling journey into the world of magic and wizardry? Look no further than Tap Wizard 2 – an Idle RPG game that offers a perfect blend of magical action and captivating gameplay. Join forces with the Wizard as you set out on a quest to protect the Chronosphere from the nefarious Underworld Forces. Armed with an array of powerful spells, your mission is to thwart the dark magic and emerge victorious in this ultimate battle between good and evil.

✨ Key Features of Tap Wizard 2 – Idle RPG Magic Quest

1. Exciting RPG Wizard Battle Gameplay

Immerse yourself in the wizarding world and take on the role of a mighty mage on a thrilling quest to combat evil forces. As you navigate through a fantasy realm filled with perils and adventures, your magical prowess will be put to the test. Each encounter presents an opportunity to showcase your skills and prove yourself as a formidable wizard.

2. Learn a Plethora of Magic Spells

Delve into the arcane arts and expand your repertoire of spells to vanquish the enemy hordes. Unleash the power of various elements such as fire, ice, lightning, and poison to overcome your adversaries. With each spell mastered, you ascend towards becoming a truly formidable wizard, capable of wielding immense magical might.

3. Choose from a Diverse Array of Wizards and Mages

In this captivating game, you have the freedom to select from a range of fascinating characters, each possessing unique and extraordinary abilities. Whether it’s harnessing the fiery forces of destruction or wielding the chilling power of frost, your choice of wizard will shape the destiny of the mystical realm.

⚫ Other Cool Features:

1. Engage actively in gameplay or opt for idle mode, granting the Mage autonomy over their actions.
2. Unleash devastating Spells, including fire, ice, lightning, and poison, to obliterate waves of foes.
3. Multiple progression paths such as Power, Research, Enchanting, XP, Awakenings, Eras, Totems, and more.
4. Unlock game-changing abilities by awakening the Wizard, such as Retribution, Golden Envy, or Arcane Surge.
5. Level up and acquire Spell Perks to enhance the destructive potential of your arsenal.
6. Allocate Skill Points in the expansive Memory Tree to shape your wizard’s development.
7. Encounter over 20 different types of adversaries, each presenting unique challenges and strategies.
8. Harness the power of over 20 distinct Runes to gain a tactical advantage in battles.
9. Collect 12 unique Totems, each imbued with intriguing abilities that can aid you on your quest.
10. Benefit from an active developer, community involvement, and continual addition of fresh content, making for an ever-evolving and engaging gaming experience.

Tap Wizard 2 – an idle RPG magic quest game that brings the best of both magical realms and clicker games to your mobile device. With its captivating storyline and extensive array of features, it’s sure to keep you spellbound for hours on end. Join the wizarding world today and unleash the full potential of your magical abilities!

Pros and Cons of Tap Wizard 2 – Idle RPG Magic Quest


1. Immersive and enchanting world of magic and wizardry.
2. Diverse selection of spells and abilities to master.
3. Engaging progression system that offers multiple paths for advancement.
4. Active developer support and regular content updates.
5. Enjoyable blend of RPG elements and idle clicker mechanics.


1. May require some time to grasp the full depth of gameplay mechanics.
2. Certain features may be locked behind progression milestones, requiring dedication to unlock.

How Tap Wizard 2 – Idle RPG Magic Quest Works

Tap Wizard 2 invites players to step into the shoes of a powerful wizard tasked with safeguarding the Chronosphere from the clutches of the Underworld Forces. As you embark on your magical adventure, you’ll engage in thrilling battles against a myriad of malevolent creatures, utilizing an array of spells and abilities to emerge victorious. Whether you prefer an active, hands-on approach or a more passive, idle experience, Tap Wizard 2 caters to your playstyle. By mastering various spells, unlocking new abilities, and strategically allocating resources, you can bolster your wizard’s power and shape the course of this epic quest.


Tap Wizard 2 – Idle RPG Magic Quest offers a captivating blend of magical prowess and captivating gameplay. With its diverse array of features, engaging storyline, and active development, this game is sure to captivate fans of the fantasy RPG and idle clicker genres. Embark on an enchanting journey, become a master of spells, and save the wizarding world from the forces of darkness in this thrilling mobile adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Can I play Tap Wizard 2 – Idle RPG Magic Quest offline?

A: Yes, Tap Wizard 2 can be played offline, allowing you to enjoy magical adventures anytime, anywhere.

2. Q: Are there in-app purchases in Tap Wizard 2 – Idle RPG Magic Quest?

A: While Tap Wizard 2 offers in-game purchases, it provides a rich gaming experience without the need for additional purchases.

3. Q: How frequently is new content added to Tap Wizard 2 – Idle RPG Magic Quest?

A: The game receives regular updates and additions, ensuring an ever-evolving and engaging experience for players.

  • v7.0.0 -Umbra Lord 6 is now available to battle! Defeat The Doomstone as the final challenge for a variety of rewards! :-D v6.1.2 -This update brings some new skins for the upcoming holiday seasons!

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