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Property Brothers Home Design MOD APK v3.3.9g (Unlimited Money/Coins)

Property Brothers Home Design
App Name Property Brothers Home Design
Latest Version v. 3.3.9g
Last Updated
Publisher Storm8 Studios
Category Simulation Simulation
Size 179 MB
Mods Unlimited Money/Coins
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4.5 Rating (551) Votes

4.5 Rating (551 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Design and Build Your Dream Home
    • Mod Menu
    • Unlimited Coins
    • Unlimited Gems
    • Max Level
    • Unlimited Energy

Property Brothers Home Design MOD APK v3.3.9g is an exciting game that allows you to partner with Drew and Jonathan Scott, popularly known as the Property Brothers, to help clients fulfill their home design dreams. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll discover everything you need to know about the game features, gameplay, and how to make the most of your experience with the Property Brothers. Whether you’re a fan of home design or simply looking for an engaging game to play, this guide has got you covered.

Features of Property Brothers Home Design MOD APK v3.3.9g

The Property Brothers Home Design MOD APK v3.3.9g is packed with exciting features that bring the design dreams to life. Here are some of the key highlights:

1. Transform Shabby Spaces

  • Unleash your creativity and makeover shabby spaces into stunning areas with bold accents, vibrant pops of color, and stylish fixtures and finishes.
  • Customize every aspect of the design to reflect your unique style and preferences.

2. Behind-the-Scenes with the Property Brothers

  • Gain exclusive access to behind-the-scenes moments with the Property Brothers, learning their design tips and tricks as you progress through the game.
  • Discover fun facts about the popular design duo and their journey to becoming household names in the world of home design.

3. Renovate Fixer Uppers

  • Put your design eye to the test as you renovate a variety of fixer uppers, including kitchens, bathrooms, exteriors, and more.
  • Embrace the challenge of transforming outdated spaces into modern havens, and even add open floor plans to maximize the appeal of the designs.

4. Relive Favorite Moments

  • Re-create your favorite moments from the Property Brothers series, bringing iconic design projects to life as you play through the game.

5. Engaging Puzzles

  • Enjoy relaxing puzzles with hundreds of levels and a variety of game modes, allowing you to earn coins while honing your design skills.
  • Challenge yourself with creative and stimulating gameplay that complements the design elements of the game.

6. Offline Mode

  • Design and play on the go with the offline mode, ensuring that you can immerse yourself in the game anytime, anywhere, without the need for constant internet connectivity.

Gameplay and Experience

As you dive into the world of Property Brothers Home Design MOD APK v3.3.9g, you’ll be greeted by a captivating experience that combines immersive design challenges with the guidance of the Property Brothers themselves. The game offers a perfect blend of creativity, relaxation, and strategic thinking, allowing you to unleash your design prowess while enjoying the engaging storyline and interactions with Drew and Jonathan Scott.

With each renovation project, you’ll have the opportunity to implement your vision, making design decisions that impact the overall look and feel of the spaces you’re transforming. Whether it’s selecting the perfect color palette, choosing stylish furniture and decor, or reimagining the layout of a room, every choice you make contributes to the ultimate success of your design endeavors.

Additionally, the inclusion of puzzles adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the gameplay, offering a break from the design aspects while still aligning with the overall theme of the game. These puzzles provide a seamless way to earn in-game currency, allowing you to further enhance your design projects and unlock new features within the game.

Exclusive Voice-Overs

One of the standout features of Property Brothers Home Design MOD APK v3.3.9g is the inclusion of exclusive voice-overs from the twins themselves. Drew and Jonathan Scott provide personalized encouragement and insights as you progress through the game, creating an authentic and immersive experience that truly reflects the charm and inspiration they are known for.

These voice-overs serve as a motivating force, spurring you on to reach new design heights and infusing the game with the distinctive charisma of the Property Brothers. Whether it’s a design tip, a word of encouragement, or a nugget of wisdom, the voice-overs add a layer of authenticity that sets the game apart and makes you feel like a part of the Property Brothers’ world.


Property Brothers Home Design MOD APK v3.3.9g offers an unparalleled opportunity to dive into the world of home design alongside the iconic Property Brothers. With an array of features, engaging gameplay, and the delightful presence of Drew and Jonathan Scott, the game delivers an experience that caters to design enthusiasts and casual gamers alike. From transforming spaces to reliving favorite moments, every aspect of the game is designed to captivate and inspire, making it a must-play for anyone with a passion for design and creativity.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I play Property Brothers Home Design MOD APK v3.3.9g offline?

Yes, the game offers an offline mode, allowing you to enjoy the immersive experience of home design without the need for constant internet connectivity.

2. Are there in-app purchases in Property Brothers Home Design MOD APK v3.3.9g?

While the game offers in-game currency that can be earned through puzzles and gameplay, there are optional in-app purchases available for users who wish to expedite their progress or access exclusive content.

3. How often are new design challenges and content updates added to Property Brothers Home Design MOD APK v3.3.9g?

The game regularly receives updates that introduce new design challenges, features, and content, ensuring that players have ongoing opportunities to engage with fresh and exciting design projects.

4. Can I customize the designs according to my personal style preferences?

Absolutely! Property Brothers Home Design MOD APK v3.3.9g empowers you to customize every design aspect, from colors and fixtures to furniture and layout, allowing you to tailor the spaces to reflect your unique style and creativity.

Whether you’re a fan of the Property Brothers or simply love the thrill of design, Property Brothers Home Design MOD APK v3.3.9g promises an enriching and entertaining experience that brings the world of home design to your fingertips.

  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements

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