AdventurePocket Knights2: Dragon Impact

Pocket Knights2: Dragon Impact

Pocket Knights2: Dragon Impact
App Name Pocket Knights2: Dragon Impact
Latest Version v.3.4.8
Last Updated
Publisher Enjoy mobile game limited
Requirements Android 4.2 Android 4.2
Category Adventure Adventure
Size 410 MB
Mods Mega Menu
Google Playstore

3.9 Rating (641) Votes

3.9 Rating (641 Votes )
Price: $ 0
5th Anniversary! Impact of Dragons,Monsters.Fantasy Action RPG Knights Adventure

Pocket Knights2: Dragon Impact – An Epic Adventure Awaits

The Enchanting World of Pocket Knights2

Pocket Knights2, the winner of the 2018 Google Play Global Featuring and boasting an impressive 11 million downloads worldwide, is now celebrating its 5th anniversary. It’s an enchanting world where dragons, knights, and wizards coexist peacefully in the universe created by Titans. However, the tranquility is threatened by dark forces that jeopardize the fate of the world. In this magical realm, heroes and guilds unite to battle legendary monsters, raid dragon dens, collect epic loot, and gain unimaginable power. Beyond the realm of fairy tales, mystic heroes, dungeons, and dragons, players engage in thrilling PvP battles in the arena and partake in Guild Wars controlled by other players. Are you ready to embark on an epic adventure in Pocket Knights2 and become a mobile legend in this captivating universe?

Dragon City on Floating Islands

The Titans have created floating islands, and upon them, dragons have built a city where various races, including elves, humans, orcs, angels, gods, demons, and other mysterious beings, come together to protect the fate of the world.

Unique Knights Await Your Command

Summon over 100 knights, heroes, and monsters from diverse cultures to create your dream-team of elite warriors. In Pocket Knights2, these extraordinary beings follow your orders, and their destiny lies in your hands. Train and command them to collect loot, engage in heroic wars, and conquer different regions.

A Saga of Defeating Bosses and Reaping Rewards

Throughout the world of Pocket Knights2, formidable bosses hold vast treasures, and they randomly appear. It’s your daily quest to seek them out, confront them, and claim their bountiful loot.

Unleash the Power of Great Dragon Mounts

Collect over 50 mounts from different worlds, including an array of majestic dragon mounts. Ride these magnificent creatures in the dragon city, showcasing your prowess to friends and fellow knights.

Dress to Impress – Fashionable Outfits Await

With a variety of outfits exceeding 50 in number, indulge in makeup and dress-up to curate your unique avatar. Freely mix and match hairstyles and outfits to stand out in the enchanting realm of Pocket Knights2.

Building Your Strongest Team and Strategy

Recruit and upgrade over 100 heroes from various positions, strategically matching them to unleash fantastic combo skills. Master their abilities to overcome the most potent enemies, strategically arrange your best bench for crucial assists, and reinforce your strategy to perfection.

Collecting Powerful Gear for Combat

Embark on a quest to discover legendary equipment in mysterious battlefields. Elevate your combat prowess by upgrading your gears to deal massive damage to your adversaries.

Battling Online and Earning Rewards

Dominate the Arena, engage in Guild wars, and ascend your way to the top. Collect valuable resources, partake in Team Instances with players worldwide, and conquer harder battles to earn bountiful rewards.

Take On Quests for Greater Riches

Challenge yourself with harder battles to earn more substantial rewards and seek out powerful loot and equipment in hidden spots across the captivating world of Pocket Knights2.

Contact and Support

If you encounter any difficulties or require support, feel free to reach out to Pocket Knights2 at:
Facebook Page:


Dive into the mesmerizing world of Pocket Knights2, where you will lead a team of elite warriors to fend off dark forces, battle legendary monsters, and conquer various regions. With an array of knights, heroes, monsters, and dragons at your command, along with the thrill of PvP battles and Guild Wars, an epic adventure awaits you. Unleash the power of great dragon mounts, collect powerful gear, and venture into the unknown to claim your rightful place as a mobile legend in Pocket Knights2.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What sets Pocket Knights2 apart from other adventure games?
    Pocket Knights2 offers a captivating world of dragons, knights, wizards, and diverse races, along with dynamic gameplay, including PvP battles, Guild Wars, and the thrill of conquering legendary monsters.
  2. How can I recruit and upgrade heroes in Pocket Knights2?
    In Pocket Knights2, you can recruit and upgrade over 100 heroes from different positions, strategically mixing and matching them to unleash compelling combo skills.
  3. What are the key features of Pocket Knights2?
    Pocket Knights2 boasts a rich array of features, including summoning diverse knights, heroes, and monsters, collecting powerful gear, engaging in thrilling PvP battles, and conquering various regions in the quest to save the fate of the world.

  • Season Level Rewards Upgrade: We have upgraded the free level rewards for the season, providing you with the opportunity to obtain an S-grade gold hero! Whether you purchase the pass or not, there's a chance to unlock powerful S-grade heroes. Season Pass Rewards Optimization: We have improved the rewards for the season pass, allowing you to choose the S-grade gold hero that suits your strategy. Advanced Season Pass Adjustment: Now you can select the SS-grade purple gold hero of your choice.

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