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4.7 Rating (593 Votes )
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Discover How to Plan any Sun, Moon and Milky Way Photo You Imagine in Seconds

Unleash Your Creativity with PhotoPills

Are you ready to take your photography to the next level? Imagine having the power to turn any scenic view into a stunning photograph. With PhotoPills, it’s all possible. Whether you’re a landscape enthusiast, an astrophotographer, or a wedding photographer, this all-in-one app is designed to elevate your artistic potential and help you capture truly legendary photos.

Key Features of PhotoPills

1. **Map-Centric Planner**: Plan your shots with precision using the 2D map-centric feature to track the Sun, Moon, and Milky Way alignments.
2. **Augmented Reality Tools**: Visualize the positioning of celestial bodies, depth of field, and field of view in real time through 3D augmented reality.
3. **Location Scouting**: Scout for the perfect shooting locations and save them for future reference.
4. **Information and Calculators**: Access vital information such as sunrise, sunset, golden hour, blue hour, and moon phases. Utilize calculators for long exposure, timelapse, star trails, and more.
5. **Widgets**: Stay updated with sun, moon, and Milky Way events through convenient widgets.
6. **Endorsements**: Backed by acclaimed photographers and industry experts, PhotoPills has earned accolades for its invaluable utility and effectiveness.

Pros and Cons of PhotoPills

– Comprehensive tools for precise photo planning.
– Endorsed by renowned photography masters.
– Offers augmented reality views for accurate composition.

– Some features may require devices with specific capabilities.

How PhotoPills Works

Have you ever envisioned a perfect photographic opportunity, only to find that the celestial bodies weren’t aligned as you wished? PhotoPills puts an end to missed moments by allowing you to bring your creative visions to life effortlessly. Here’s how it works:
1. **Imagine**: Envision the perfect scene, whether it’s the Milky Way gracing the skyline or a captivating sunset over a landscape.
2. **Plan**: Quickly calculate the precise date and time for your envisioned scene with PhotoPills’ efficient planning tools.
3. **Shoot**: Armed with the exact details, head out and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, ready to capture those unique, once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Become a Legend with PhotoPills

Your painstaking efforts behind each photo deserve recognition. PhotoPills offers a platform to honor and showcase your creative masterpieces, with the opportunity to win substantial cash prizes. Your photography legacy begins here.

Never Miss a Moment

Create a To-Do list within PhotoPills to ensure you never miss out on capturing those unmissable scenes. Arrive at your planned shooting locations promptly and well-prepared.

Perfect Your Composition

Prior to pressing the shutter, leverage the 3D augmented reality views to fine-tune your frame and ensure that the celestial bodies align perfectly for your shot.

Expansive Location Exploration

Discover new and remarkable shooting spots, and effortlessly save them as points of interest, building your personal catalog of inspiring locations.

Convenient Widget Access

Stay informed about daily celestial events, upcoming photo plans, and more with just a quick swipe, courtesy of the user-friendly widgets.

More Than an App

PhotoPills is not just an app; it’s your photographic companion. Access a wealth of How-To articles, videos, and dedicated support to amplify your photographic skills and knowledge.


With PhotoPills, the power to transform your creative visions into reality lies at your fingertips. From precise planning to seamless execution, this app is a game-changer for photographers across genres. Embrace the opportunity to capture legendary photos with ease and finesse.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. **How does PhotoPills assist in location scouting?**
PhotoPills offers a comprehensive location scouting tool, allowing users to explore and save potential shooting locations for future reference.

2. **Can PhotoPills be used for astrophotography?**
Absolutely! PhotoPills is an invaluable companion for astrophotographers, providing precise information and planning tools for capturing the night sky.

3. **Does PhotoPills offer support for different devices?**
While the app is designed to be compatible with a wide range of devices, certain features like augmented reality views may be dependent on specific device capabilities.

4. **How can I participate in the PhotoPills Awards?**
Submit your creative photos through PhotoPills to stand a chance to win cash prizes and have your work showcased to a global audience.

Discover a new dimension of photographic creativity with PhotoPills – your gateway to unparalleled visual storytelling and breathtaking imagery.

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