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App Name 3D
Latest Version v.2.8
Last Updated
Publisher VOODOO
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Arcade Arcade
Size 98 MB
Mods Mega Menu
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3.7 Rating (866) Votes

3.7 Rating (866 Votes )
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Enter the new dimension! 3D is the latest installment in the popular gaming series, offering a whole new dimension of gameplay. This 3D version provides players with a smooth drawing experience, allowing them to create their own zone while navigating unique 3D shapes and avoiding other players. With the added element of depth, 3D takes the classic gameplay to a whole new level.

Key Features of 3D

Before delving into the gameplay and mechanics of 3D, let’s take a look at some of its key features that set it apart from its predecessors and other games in the same genre.

  1. Immersive 3D Gameplay: Unlike its 2D counterparts, 3D offers players an immersive three-dimensional gaming experience, adding depth and visual appeal to the gameplay.
  2. Unique 3D Shapes: Players can explore and navigate through a variety of unique 3D shapes as they carve out their territory and strive to outmaneuver their opponents.
  3. Progressive Unlockables: By collecting stars and achieving 100% completion, players can unlock new levels and bonuses, adding an element of progression and achievement to the game.
  4. Smooth Drawing Mechanics: The game’s intuitive controls and smooth drawing mechanics make it easy for players to create and expand their territory with precision.

How 3D Works 🕹️

Now that we’ve highlighted some of the standout features of 3D, let’s delve into how the game actually works and what players can expect when they dive into this exciting 3D world.

When players launch 3D, they are immediately greeted with the visually striking 3D environment, setting the stage for an engaging and immersive gaming experience. The objective of the game remains consistent with the previous iterations: players must create and expand their territory by claiming as much space as possible while avoiding collisions with other players. However, the shift to 3D introduces a new layer of complexity and excitement to the core gameplay.

Players can move their character using intuitive controls, allowing them to maneuver through the three-dimensional space with ease. As they traverse the environment, they must be strategic in their movements, carving out their territory while keeping an eye out for rival players looking to encroach on their space.

Collecting stars scattered throughout the game not only adds to the player’s score but also contributes to unlocking new levels and bonuses. This progression system encourages players to continuously engage with the game as they strive to reach 100% completion and access new content.

With its seamless blending of intuitive controls, vibrant 3D visuals, and addictive gameplay mechanics, 3D offers an alluring gaming experience that is both accessible to newcomers and rewarding for seasoned players.

Pros and Cons of 3D

Before diving headfirst into the world of 3D, it’s essential to weigh the various pros and cons that come with this 3D gaming experience.


  • Immersive 3D Gameplay: The transition to 3D adds a new dimension of depth and visual appeal to the classic concept, delivering a captivating gaming experience.
  • Progression System: The inclusion of unlockable levels and bonuses through star collection provides players with a sense of accomplishment and encourages continued engagement.
  • Smooth Controls: The game’s intuitive controls make it easy for players to navigate the 3D space and claim territory with precision, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.
  • Engaging Visuals: The vibrant and dynamic 3D environment creates an engaging backdrop for players to explore and conquer, adding to the game’s overall allure.


  • Learning Curve: While the core concept may be familiar to fans of the series, the shift to 3D may present a learning curve for some players as they adapt to the new spatial dynamics.
  • Competitive Challenges: The presence of other players vying for territory introduces heightened competition, which may be daunting for those looking for a more casual gaming experience.
  • Resource Management: Strategic resource management becomes crucial as players balance territory expansion with the need to avoid confrontations with rival players.

How to Excel at 3D

As with any game, mastering the mechanics and strategies of 3D can significantly enhance the player’s experience and performance. Here are a few tips to help players excel at 3D and dominate the 3D space:

  1. Strategic Expansion: Instead of aimlessly venturing into open spaces, focus on strategic expansion by claiming territory near the edges of 3D shapes. This approach can provide a natural barrier against rival players and minimize the risk of immediate confrontations.
  2. Observation and Anticipation: Developing a keen sense of observation and anticipation is crucial for navigating the 3D environment effectively. Keep an eye on the movements of other players and predict their potential paths to avoid unexpected collisions.
  3. Star Collection: Prioritize the collection of stars scattered throughout the game to not only boost your score but also progress towards unlocking new levels and bonuses. Strategic star collection can set you on the path to mastery.
  4. Adaptability: Embrace adaptability and be prepared to adjust your tactics based on the dynamic interactions with other players. Flexibility in your approach can be the key to outmaneuvering opponents and securing your dominance.
  5. Patience and Persistence: As with any competitive game, patience and persistence are virtues that can ultimately lead to success. Stay focused, learn from each game session, and persist in your quest for territorial domination.


With its seamless transition to the world of 3D gaming, 3D brings a fresh and exhilarating twist to the beloved franchise. Through its immersive 3D gameplay, progressive unlockables, and engaging visuals, 3D delivers a captivating experience that is both accessible and rewarding to players of all skill levels. By embracing the strategic elements of territorial expansion, resource management, and competitive gameplay, players can dive into the vibrant 3D world of 3D and embark on a thrilling journey of conquest and mastery.

Frequently Asked Questions About 3D

Here are some common questions about 3D, along with their answers:

  1. Is 3D available on multiple platforms?

    Yes, 3D is available for play on various platforms, including mobile devices, tablets, and desktop browsers, offering flexibility and accessibility to a wide range of players.
  2. Does 3D retain the core gameplay elements of the original games?
    Yes, 3D preserves the core gameplay elements of territorial expansion, strategic maneuvering, and competitive encounters while introducing the immersive dimension of 3D gameplay.
  3. What sets 3D apart from its 2D predecessors? 3D distinguishes itself from its 2D predecessors by introducing an immersive 3D environment, unique 3D shapes, and a progression system based on star collection and level unlocking.
  4. Is there a single-player mode in 3D?
    While the primary focus is on multiplayer interactions, 3D offers a single-player mode that allows players to practice their skills and strategize in a solo gaming environment.

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