SimulationNovels: Choose your story

Novels: Choose your story

Novels: Choose your story
App Name Novels: Choose your story
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3.1 Rating (630) Votes

3.1 Rating (630 Votes )
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Enjoy immersive story experience. Pick a visual novel. Love & romance storyline.

Interactive novels are a unique form of entertainment, allowing users to immerse themselves in a world of fascinating adult fantasy adventures and become the hero of their dreams. One such game that offers this thrilling experience is Novels. This free-to-play romance game gives players the power to make choices that radically alter the course of the plot, ultimately determining the fate of the characters.

Are you yearning for a romantic adventure? Novels presents a diverse array of genres, catering to a wide range of fantasies. Whether you yearn to traverse bustling metropolises in search of true love or explore mysterious, haunted mansions for adventure, the possibilities are endless. Your character could marry a billionaire and experience the journey of pregnancy or encounter a charming Hollywood actor and engage in a whirlwind romance. The power to shape these narratives lies solely in your hands.

Features of Novels

When delving into the captivating world of Novels, users can:

1. Create Their Character: The game offers a varied character creator, enabling players to craft a persona and choose from a plethora of outfits and clothes to match their style.

2. Explore Diverse Stories: From taboo to +18 tales, Novels presents a wide range of short stories, each offering a unique narrative to delve into.

3. Develop Romantic Relationships: Players have the opportunity to foster romantic connections with the characters they encounter, adding a layer of depth to their interactive storytelling experience.

4. Impact the Plot: The decisions and choices made by players have a substantial influence on the direction of the story, allowing for a truly personalized and engaging experience.

Episodic Content

Novels ensures that the adventure never ends by regularly updating its collection of stories. Some of the ongoing episodes include:

1. DRAGON IN MY BED: An ambitious screenwriter finds her fate intertwined with a Hollywood blockbuster and its leading star.

2. DO NOT DISTURB: Richard Hudson, a wealthy businessman, forms an unexpected connection with a candidate vying for the position of his assistant.

3. DARK TEMPTATION 2: Delve into the world of fairies as a talented ballet student, destined to confront a mysterious fairy killer.

4. BLOOD IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Take on the role of a protagonist invited to star in a horror movie set in an ominous, abandoned mansion with a dark past.

5. SHORES OF FATE: Embark on a journey alongside an accomplished historian in the Dominican Republic, encountering self-discovery and forging destiny.

6. NEIGHBORHOOD WITCH: Navigate the challenges of being a law-abiding witch with an inquisitor as an unwelcome neighbor, using ingenuity, magic, and a feline companion to tackle the situation.

7. SCHOOL SECRETS: Follow the story of a high school student whose life takes an unexpected turn after overhearing a conversation.

Pros and Cons

– Diverse range of genres and storylines catering to various preferences
– Empowerment for players to shape the narrative through their choices
– Regular updates ensuring fresh and engaging content
– In-depth character creator for personalization
– Option to develop romantic relationships in the game

– Some storylines may not be suitable for all audiences
– Limited interactivity in some episodes

How Novels Works

Novels provides an immersive experience where players have the freedom to craft their characters and embark on captivating adventures through a wide array of stories. The game’s episodic nature keeps the content fresh and ensures that there is always a new tale waiting to be explored.

Players are empowered to make decisions and choices that significantly influence the direction of the plot, offering a sense of agency and personalization. The inclusion of various genres, including romance, suspense, and fantasy, ensures that there is something for every type of storytelling enthusiast.

Novels places a strong emphasis on the development of romantic relationships within the narratives, adding an extra layer of depth and emotional investment for the players. The character creator allows for personalization, ensuring that players can truly embody the characters they create.


In the world of interactive storytelling, Novels stands out as a compelling platform that offers a diverse range of genres and captivating narratives. With the power to shape the plot through choices and decisions, coupled with the ability to foster romantic relationships and the regular addition of new episodes, Novels provides an engaging and immersive experience for players seeking to lose themselves in the world of interactive fiction.

Whether one desires to explore romantic adventures, unravel mysteries, or delve into the realms of fantasy, Novels offers an enticing array of stories to suit every inclination. With its episodic nature and emphasis on player agency, it’s a platform that invites users to become the authors of their own adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is Novels suitable for all age groups?
Novels offers a range of stories, including taboo and +18 tales, making it suitable for adult audiences.

2. Are there any restrictions on character customization?
The character creator in Novels provides a varied selection of outfits and clothes, enabling users to personalize their characters to a great extent.

3. How frequently are new episodes added to Novels?
Novels regularly updates its content, adding new episodes to ensure a constantly evolving and engaging experience for its players.

4. Can players truly alter the course of the plot through their choices?
Yes, the decisions made by players in Novels have a significant impact on the narrative, allowing them to shape the stories according to their preferences and decisions.

By embracing the power of choice and storytelling, Novels offers a dynamic and interactive platform for users to embark on their own adventures and become the authors of their destinies. Whether it’s romance, mystery, or fantasy, Novels has a story waiting to be written by each player.

  • - Blood on the spotlights, episode 7 - many bug fixes

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