PuzzleMonster Tales: Match 3 Puzzle

Monster Tales: Match 3 Puzzle

Monster Tales: Match 3 Puzzle
App Name Monster Tales: Match 3 Puzzle
Latest Version v.1.0.100
Last Updated
Publisher Tangelo Games Corp
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Puzzle Puzzle
Size 156 MB
Mods Menu/Dame, God Mode
Google Playstore

4.0 Rating (560) Votes

4.0 Rating (560 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Monster game with Match 3, Puzzle RPG mechanics and thrilling PVP duels

Monster Tales – A Legendary Match 3 RPG Adventure Game

🐉 Are you ready to embark on a legendary journey filled with monsters, dragons, and epic PVP battles? Look no further than Monster Tales, an addictive Match 3 RPG Puzzle game that will take your gaming experience to the next level. Join the global community and immerse yourself in an exhilarating RPG adventure that seamlessly blends Match 3 puzzle mechanics with thrilling battles and a captivating collection of over 180 unique monsters. Let’s delve into the enchanting world of Monster Tales and unveil the captivating features that make it a must-play game in the realm of mobile gaming.

Key Features of Monster Tales

1. An Extensive Collection of Monsters: With over 180 distinctive monsters, heroes, and villains at your disposal, Monster Tales empowers you to build the ultimate battle squad. Encounter awe-inspiring dragons, mythical creatures, and a myriad of fascinating beings as you engage in epic Puzzle Match 3 battles.

2. Egg Hatching and Legendary Monster Acquisition: Delve into the realm of mystery and adventure as you hatch and collect eggs, unveiling legendary monsters to bolster your formidable team and assert dominance in the gaming arena.

3. Epic Quests and Bountiful Rewards: Immerse yourself in a world brimming with challenges and quests that promise legendary rewards, allowing you to embark on an unforgettable journey while reaping substantial benefits.

4. Abundant Loot Opportunities: Engage in the thrill of acquiring free loot chests on an hourly basis, containing valuable resources such as food, gems, and eggs. Additionally, unlock daily diamond chests laden with epic loot to elevate your monsters to unparalleled heights of power and prowess.

5. Strategic Leveling and Upgrades: Nurture your monsters by feeding them to facilitate their level advancements and power upgrades. As you gather and create a legion of legendary creatures, strategic prowess becomes paramount in forming the perfect monster squad for PVP battles.

Pros and Cons of Monster Tales

– Engaging fusion of Match 3 puzzle and RPG elements
– Diverse and extensive collection of monsters and dragons
– Thrilling PVP multiplayer battles against global players
– Abundant opportunities for loot acquisition and resource gathering
– Strategic depth through monster leveling and tactical combinations

– In-game monetization may influence competitive dynamics
– Require active internet connection for seamless multiplayer experiences

How Monster Tales Works

Embark on a strategic and immersive journey as you meticulously plan and execute your RPG Match 3 strategies within Monster Tales. Harness the elemental powers of your monsters and dragons, strategically elevating their potential to reign supreme in the Battle Lands Arena. Engage in classic RPG PVP modes that boast over 150 levels, honing your Match 3 skills and meticulously leveling up your monsters in preparation for decisive battles against formidable adversaries.

As you ascend through the ranks, craft diverse tactics, and refine your RPG strategies, challenging opponents in exhilarating PVP battles that pit your monster squad against rivals from every corner of the globe. Form alliances with friends and engage in adrenaline-pumping 1 vs 1 PVP battles, fostering a sense of camaraderie and competition within the global gaming community.


Monster Tales is not just another mobile game; it’s an immersive experience that seamlessly fuses the allure of Match 3 puzzles with the strategic depth of RPG elements. With its captivating array of monsters, engaging PVP battles, and abundance of quests and rewards, Monster Tales stands as a testament to the compelling fusion of genre-defining gaming experiences. Embrace the challenge, build your ultimate monster squad, and stake your claim as the reigning champion in the otherworldly realms of Monster Tales.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Monster Tales a free-to-play game?
Yes, Monster Tales is available for free, allowing players to embark on their RPG adventures without any initial investment. However, in-game purchases and optional subscriptions may enhance the gaming experience.

2. What sets Monster Tales apart from other Match 3 games?
Monster Tales sets itself apart through its fusion of Match 3 puzzle mechanics with RPG elements, offering a diverse collection of monsters, epic PVP battles, and strategic depth that transcends traditional Match 3 games.

3. Can players engage in multiplayer battles in Monster Tales?
Absolutely! Monster Tales provides an immersive multiplayer experience, enabling players to engage in PVP battles against adversaries from around the world, as well as inviting friends to partake in thrilling 1 vs 1 battles.

In conclusion, Monster Tales offers a unique blend of Match 3 puzzles and RPG elements, ensuring a captivating and strategic gaming experience for enthusiasts worldwide. Embark on your journey, uncover legendary monsters, and etch your name in the annals of Monster Tales history.

  • Now it will be even easier for you to find how you want to play Monster Tales. Explore the islands, complete the daily, weekly or special events, participate in our Tales or compete for being the best in the PVP mode. A new gaming experience awaits you at Monster Tales!

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