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Legend of Solgard

Legend of Solgard
App Name Legend of Solgard
Latest Version v.2.32.0
Last Updated
Publisher Snowprint Studios AB
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Role Playing Role Playing
Size 111 MB
Mods Damage/God Mode
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4.2 Rating (192) Votes

4.2 Rating (192 Votes )
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New RPG quest to fight legendary heroes, collect & build your army!

Legend of Solgard: A Legendary RPG Adventure

Legend of Solgard is an immersive RPG game that takes players on an epic journey to save the world from impending doom. Players will join Embla in her quest to prevent the catastrophic event known as **RAGNAROK** and establish themselves as legendary heroes in the realm of Solgard. This gripping RPG adventure offers a unique blend of strategy, combat, and mythical storytelling, providing players with an enthralling gaming experience.

Key Features of Legend of Solgard

1. **Epic Battle Against Ragnarok**: In the game, players engage in strategic battles against hordes of ice enemies and colossal bosses, drawing upon the rich lore of Norse mythology to summon legendary Gods and thwart the impending doom of Ragnarok.

2. **Hero Arena**: Players can showcase their RPG skills in the Hero Arena, where they engage in thrilling combat to prove their prowess as formidable warriors.

3. **Guild Collaboration**: Collaboration is key in Legend of Solgard. Players can form guilds, strategize with fellow gamers, and take on epic Guild Bosses, culminating in their conquest of legendary treasures.

4. **Exploration of Five Legendary Lands**: The game offers a diverse and immersive world, with players traversing five distinct realms of Solgard, collecting allies, and engaging in battles against formidable monsters.

5. **Character and Army Progression**: As players immerse themselves in the adventure, they can bolster their hero and army, enhancing their strength to overcome formidable opponents and conquer the challenges that lie ahead.

6. **Immersive Storytelling**: The game presents a captivating narrative, drawing players into a world of mythical creatures, ancient deities, and the impending threat of Ragnarok.

Pros and Cons of Legend of Solgard

Here are some pros and cons to consider when delving into the world of Legend of Solgard:

– Engaging storytelling and immersive world-building
– Strategic gameplay that challenges players’ tactical skills
– The collaborative aspect of guilds fosters a sense of community and teamwork
– Diverse realms and mythical creatures offer a rich gaming experience
– Character progression and army development add depth to the gameplay experience

– In-game purchases may be required for certain optional items
– Internet connectivity is necessary to access full game features

How It Works

In Legend of Solgard, players assume the role of Embla, a valiant hero on a quest to prevent the cataclysmic event of Ragnarok. The game offers a seamless blend of strategic combat, character progression, and collaborative gameplay elements. Players can engage in battles against various enemies, summon legendary Norse Gods, and form alliances with other players to overcome formidable challenges.

The hero’s journey unfolds across five legendary lands, each teeming with mythical creatures and untold dangers. By honing their hero’s abilities and strategically enhancing their army, players can rise to become legendary heroes and safeguard the realm of Solgard from the impending doom of Ragnarok.


Legend of Solgard presents an enthralling RPG experience, combining immersive storytelling, strategic combat, and collaborative gameplay elements. With its rich Norse mythology-inspired world and diverse realms to explore, players are immersed in a captivating adventure as they strive to thwart the impending threat of Ragnarok. Whether engaging in solo battles, participating in guild activities, or progressing their character and army, players are drawn into a compelling quest to establish themselves as legendary heroes of Solgard.

Download Legend of Solgard today and embark on an unforgettable RPG adventure, where the fate of the world rests in your hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

**1. Is Legend of Solgard free to play?**
– Yes, Legend of Solgard is free to play, allowing players to embark on their epic journey without any initial cost.

**2. Are in-game purchases necessary to progress in the game?**
– While the game offers optional in-game purchases for certain items, players can enjoy the core gameplay experience without making any purchases.

**3. What is the significance of Norse mythology in the game?**
– Norse mythology serves as a rich backdrop for the game, with players summoning legendary Gods and encountering mythical creatures inspired by this ancient lore.

**4. Can players collaborate with others in Legend of Solgard?**
– Yes, players can form guilds, engage in collaborative battles, and strategize with fellow gamers to take on epic challenges and reap legendary rewards.

**5. How does character progression work in the game?**
– Players can enhance their hero’s abilities and power up their army, allowing them to tackle increasingly formidable opponents and progress through the game’s immersive storyline.

Embark on this epic journey and experience the thrill of becoming a legendary hero in the realm of Solgard! 🌟

  • What’s New *New player onboarding tests *New rare creature: Fellfaun

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