Simulationれじぇくろ! ~レジェンド・クローバー~

れじぇくろ! ~レジェンド・クローバー~

れじぇくろ! ~レジェンド・クローバー~
App Name れじぇくろ! ~レジェンド・クローバー~
Latest Version v.1.39.0
Last Updated
Publisher DMMGAMES
Requirements Android 8.0 Android 8.0
Category Simulation Simulation
Size 155 MB
Mods High Damage, Defense
Google Playstore

3.5 Rating (845) Votes

3.5 Rating (845 Votes )
Price: $ 0
A full-scale simulation RPG that runs around the world with a reincarnated beautiful girl hero!

Introducing Legend Clover: the Ultimate RPG Experience!

If you’re a fan of beautiful girl characters, strategic role-playing games, and breathtaking fantasy adventures, then Legend Clover, also known as れじぇくろ! ~レジェンド・クローバー~, is the perfect game for you. Developed by DMM GAMES, this sensational game invites you into a world where you command legendary heroes, transformed into captivating female characters, to combat the forces of evil. Immerse yourself in a thrilling journey filled with epic battles, stunning visuals, and captivating narratives. Let’s delve into the mesmerizing world of Legend Clover and explore what sets it apart from other RPGs in the market.

Unveiling the Epic Tale of Legend Clover

In the ancient world, the malevolent entity known as Abyss threatened to plunge the world into darkness and despair. However, the benevolent deities dwelling on the moon intervened by reincarnating legendary beings, referred to as “Legend,” transcending mere mortals, to confront and seal Abyss within the earth. Centuries passed, and the once-sealed abyss commenced its ominous resurgence, heralding an impending crisis. It is amidst this turmoil that an ordinary young villager from the remote Windmill village fortuitously summons the legendary Joan of Arc, altering the course of destiny forever.

The Charismatic Characters

The key allure of Legend Clover lies in its diverse range of characters, each depicted with stunning artwork and captivating narratives. From valiant warriors to enchanting sorceresses, every character is meticulously designed to resonate with players and add depth to the gameplay experience. The beautiful girl characters are not only visually appealing but also possess distinctive abilities and captivating backstories, adding layers of immersion and excitement to the game.

Key Features

1. Captivating Character Illustrations: Immerse yourself in a world of breathtaking beauty with meticulously crafted character designs, evoking a sense of wonder and fascination.
2. Strategic Combat and Training Systems: Enhance your party’s combat prowess through a myriad of training systems, including leveling, class progression, and skill development.
3. Compelling Narrative and Tactical Battles: Engage in immersive storytelling and strategic battles, where every decision shapes the outcome of the conflict.
4. Diverse Appeal to Players: Whether you’re drawn to captivating narratives, strategic gameplay, or beautiful girl characters, Legend Clover offers a diverse array of attractions for players of all tastes.

How It Works: Embark on Your Heroic Journey

The gameplay revolves around assembling a formidable party of heroes, each with their unique abilities and attributes, to combat the resurfacing Abyss and its minions. Players can harness the power of magic jewels to summon and recruit beautiful girl heroes, embarking on an odyssey to save the world. As you progress, strategic decision-making and character development become pivotal to overcoming challenges and unraveling the mysteries woven within the game’s narrative.

The Pros and Cons of Legend Clover

Let’s delve into the pros and cons of the Legend Clover gaming experience:


1. Visually Enthralling Artwork: The game boasts stunning character designs and immersive visuals that captivate players from the moment they enter the game.
2. Strategic Depth and Customization: With an array of training systems and character progression options, players have the freedom to tailor their party to suit their playstyle.
3. Engaging Narrative: The game weaves a rich tapestry of storytelling, drawing players into its world and keeping them invested in the characters’ fates.
4. Diverse Appeal: From fans of strategic RPGs to those who appreciate captivating narratives and enchanting visuals, Legend Clover caters to a wide audience.


1. In-App Purchases: While the base game is free, there are some paid items available which may affect the overall experience for players who prefer entirely free-to-play games.

The Allure of Legend Clover: Who Should Play?

Legend Clover is tailored for a diverse audience, including those who appreciate visually stunning artwork, intricate narratives, and strategic gameplay. Whether you’re a fan of beautiful girl characters, captivating stories, or immersive RPG experiences, Legend Clover offers something for everyone. The game provides an engaging escape into a world filled with magic, heroism, and the timeless struggle between light and darkness.

Embrace the Journey with Legend Clover

Aspiring adventurers and seasoned RPG enthusiasts alike can find a captivating experience within the realm of Legend Clover. With its enthralling visuals, engaging narratives, and strategic depth, the game stands as a testament to the allure of the RPG genre. Whether you choose to unleash the might of valiant warriors or harness the arcane powers of spellcasters, Legend Clover invites you to embark on an unforgettable odyssey where every decision shapes the course of destiny.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Legend Clover available on multiple platforms?
  2. What sets Legend Clover apart from other RPGs?
  3. Does Legend Clover offer in-depth character progression and customization?
  4. Can players enjoy Legend Clover without making in-app purchases?

Join the Adventure Today!

Are you ready to immerse yourself in an enchanting world teeming with captivating characters and epic battles? Join the ranks of aspiring heroes, embrace the power of legend, and embark on an unforgettable journey with Legend Clover. Whether you seek strategic depth, captivating narratives, or visually enthralling artwork, Legend Clover offers an immersive RPG experience that will leave you spellbound. Command your heroes, shape your destiny, and partake in a tale that transcends the realms of mere imagination. The adventure awaits – will you answer the call?

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