App Name Langrisser
Latest Version v.2.42.5
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Publisher ZlongGames
Requirements Android 4.0 Android 4.0
Category Strategy Strategy
Size 2 GB
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4.0 Rating (394) Votes

4.0 Rating (394 Votes )
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The classic Strategy RPG series Langrisser is back for its mobile debut!

Embark on a Magical Quest for the Legendary Sword!

As Langrisser’s fifth anniversary approaches, fans gear up for a thrilling content update featuring the grand debut of SSR heroes Apotheosis and Captain Mack, a new evolved form for Bernhardt, and a limited-time event titled “The Legend of Almeda: Journey Through Time”. The game will also unveil the second level of casting pattern, promising an exciting new chapter in the legendary tale of the holy sword.

Classic Turn-based Strategic Battles!

Langrisser’s core gameplay is back, offering classic turn-based battles where players engage in strategic warfare, using terrain bonuses and a class priority system to outwit their enemies and claim victory.

Upgrade Classes and Choose Your Destiny!

Character class upgrades, a beloved feature, return in Langrisser. Each hero boasts a unique upgrade tree, allowing players to adapt their heroes’ classes to fit the situation and create the perfect tactical setup.

Stunning Anime Art Style!

One of Langrisser’s standout features is its authentic anime art style, captivating players with gorgeous artwork and animations that vividly portray each character’s distinct personality and immerse them in the gripping storyline.

Slay Epic Bosses with Your Friends in Huge Real-Time Battles!

Prepare for real-time turn-based tactical battles, where players square off against formidable bosses either solo or alongside other players, intensifying the cooperative gameplay experience.

Guild Battles Are Here! A New Challenge Awaits!

Langrisser introduces guild battles, inviting players to join forces with fellow gamers globally and collaborate to capture enemy strongholds, proving their guild’s supremacy and reaping fantastic rewards.

Voiced by an All-Star Cast of Japanese Voiceover Legends!

Langrisser features an outstanding voiceover cast, including industry legends like Ryotaro Okiayu and over 30 other anime and gaming icons, delivering the first fully-voiced experience in the game’s history.

Original Score by Composer Noriyuki Iwadare!

Composer Noriyuki Iwadare returns to Langrisser, enchanting players with the historic melodies that defined the series and stirring their hearts in Langrisser Mobile with his musical prowess.

Revisit Over 300 Classic Levels!

With over 300 classic scenarios, Langrisser Mobile invites players to relive battles from five generations of Langrisser games, offering a nostalgic journey through the golden age of gaming.

Collect Your Favorite Heroes from the Langrisser Series!

The game reunites players with beloved characters from the original series, featuring heroes like Elwin, Leon, Cherie, Bernhardt, Ledin, and Dieharte. As these heroes unite and engage in an epic battle for the future, the clash between light and darkness is reignited.

Key Features

  1. Classic turn-based strategic battles
  2. Upgradeable hero classes
  3. Stunning anime art style
  4. Real-time battles against epic bosses
  5. Guild battles for cooperative gameplay
  6. Fully-voiced by a star-studded Japanese cast
  7. Original score by Composer Noriyuki Iwadare
  8. Over 300 classic levels to revisit
  9. Iconic heroes from the Langrisser series


Some players may find the classic turn-based system less appealing if they prefer more dynamic gameplay.

Players not familiar with the Langrisser series may find the extensive history and characters somewhat overwhelming.


Langrisser’s return to classic tactical battles offers a nostalgic experience for longtime fans of the genre.

The game’s stunning anime art style and fully-voiced Japanese cast add an immersive element to the gameplay.

How it works

Langrisser presents a rich strategic gameplay experience, combining classic turn-based battles with upgradeable hero classes and stunning anime visuals. Players engage in battles, leveraging terrain advantages and unit types to claim victory. The game also incorporates real-time battles against epic bosses and guild battle modes to foster cooperative gameplay.


Langrisser’s fifth anniversary update is set to captivate both longtime fans and newcomers alike. With its classic turn-based battles, stunning visuals, and engaging cooperative features, the game offers a compelling experience for strategy and RPG enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Langrisser’s gameplay style?

A: Langrisser features classic turn-based battles, where players strategize using unit types, terrain advantages, and class upgrades to win battles.

Q: Can I play Langrisser solo or with friends?

A: Langrisser offers both solo gameplay against epic bosses and cooperative gameplay modes, including guild battles.

Q: Are there in-game events and updates in Langrisser?

A: Yes, the game introduces exciting new content regularly, including special events, limited-time experiences, and updates to enrich the gameplay experience.

Q: Is Langrisser suitable for players new to the series?

A: Langrisser attracts both fans of the series and new players, offering an accessible entry point for those unfamiliar with the game’s lore and history.

  • 1. New Hero - Apotheosis 2. The Third Act of the Main Story Comes to an End 3. Bernhardt Debuts His Evolution Form 4. New Secret Realm Limited-Time Event - The Legend of Almeda: Journey Through Time

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