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Idle Restaurant Tycoon
App Name Idle Restaurant Tycoon
Latest Version v.1.39.0
Last Updated
Publisher Kolibri Games
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Simulation Simulation
Size 162.20 Mb
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4.4 Rating (250) Votes

4.4 Rating (250 Votes )
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Manage a food tycoon, build an idle restaurant empire & win every cooking battle

Have you ever wondered how to be an effective restaurant manager? Find it out with this new idle restaurant game!

Be an Idle Restaurant Tycoon Manager – Build an empire

Manage your restaurant and profit in this cooking game. Make a plan on how to become rich, renovate restaurants, prepare food and build an empire!

Create your own idle tycoon restaurant empire

Hire a master chef, choose your staff, manage finances and become a great boss. Expand your cooking empire with this restaurant game without the need to be a constant clicker. Adventure with worldwide locations and better and better cooks and staff at every level in this food tycoon.

No need of endless tapping

If you are tired of tapping idle tycoon games and you are looking for one that is not like the other clicker simulators – this is the right game for you! Restaurant games are fun and this one will become your favorite.

Discover new food stories

Play our cooking simulator, earn and invest as much cash as possible – online and offline! Level up to open new kitchen upgrades, easily without a lot of clicks not like in the usual clicker games. Make renovations and build your empire tycoon. Become a millionaire manager in this idle cooking simulator. Upgrade your kitchen and be the best in this cooking game. Our restaurant game is not a clicker game like all the other tapping games.

Build your idle empire tycoon

With our cooking game, you can create your own restaurant story with the plan you want and become an idle empire tycoon owner. Master the cooking battle in each restaurant. Idle games and cooking tycoon games are games to have fun daily with.

Download Idle Restaurant Tycoon now

With every step, you and your chef will prepare, cook, and serve tasty food. Make your customers happy to win more money and renovate your kitchen. You will forget about the other restaurant games once you try this one!

  • Profit from money investment to boost your economy and become rich!
  • Hire the best staff available for your kitchen, manage wages and income!
  • Build up your tycoon empire!
  • This is not a clicker game, so no need for a lot of tapping like in others idle games and food tycoon games!
  • Attract customers and advance your cooking simulator business!
  • Discover new stories like in no other of the idle tycoon games!
  • Increase your money online or offline in this cooking simulator!
  • Cook, Level Up, Unlock, and Collect!
  • Build an empire with this cooking game.

Forget about the other tapping idle games and cooking tycoon games where you need to click all the time to make a profit. Our idle restaurant tycoon is not a usual clicker game.

New type of restaurant story gaming

Get an amazing cook for each different cuisine you will have in your idle empire tycoon. Upgrade your kitchen, chef and staff to prepare for the cooking battle like in no other of the restaurant games. Make customers happier and expand your idle tycoon simulator business.

The idle tycoon simulator you need. Find the best strategy for your cooking adventure and grow your idle empire. Download now and start your adventure! You won’t need any of the other cooking idle tycoon games once you try Idle Restaurant Tycoon.

No tapping like in the other clicker games. With this food tycoon simulator, you can build an empire easily while having fun!


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In conclusion, Idle Restaurant Tycoon is an engaging cooking game that allows players to experience the thrill of managing and growing their own restaurant empire without the need for endless tapping. With its unique gameplay and focus on strategy, this game offers a refreshing take on the idle tycoon genre. Whether you’re a fan of restaurant management games or looking for a new and exciting idle game experience, Idle Restaurant Tycoon is a must-try.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Idle Restaurant Tycoon different from other idle games?

Idle Restaurant Tycoon sets itself apart from other idle games with its focus on restaurant management, strategic decision-making, and the absence of constant tapping. Players can enjoy a more hands-on approach to building and expanding their restaurant empire, making it a unique and engaging experience.

Can I play Idle Restaurant Tycoon offline?

Yes, players can enjoy Idle Restaurant Tycoon both online and offline, allowing for flexibility in gameplay. Whether you’re connected to the internet or not, you can continue to progress and grow your restaurant empire at your convenience.

How does Idle Restaurant Tycoon enhance the cooking game experience?

Idle Restaurant Tycoon offers a fresh take on cooking games by integrating restaurant management and empire building into the gameplay. Players can hire staff, manage finances, and strategize their way to becoming a successful restaurant tycoon, creating a more immersive and dynamic cooking game experience.

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