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edjing PRO - Music DJ mixer
App Name edjing PRO - Music DJ mixer
Latest Version v.1.08.03
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Publisher MWM - Music and creative apps for Android
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3.5 Rating (602) Votes

3.5 Rating (602 Votes )
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A professional DJ controller for Android to mix Deezer, SoundCloud and your mp3

In the realm of music, the role of a Disc Jockey (DJ) is crucial. DJs are responsible for creating an electrifying atmosphere, enlivening the dance floor, and shaping the ambiance of an event. With technological advancements, DJing has evolved, and now, edjing Pro is revolutionizing the experience with its professional version APK v1.08.03, providing a comprehensive DJ mixer that has transformed the way DJs work.

🎧 Mixing at a Professional Level

The edjing Pro APK v1.08.03 sets itself apart by offering a myriad of features and functionalities, making it an exceptional DJ app in the market. This professional version is tailored for Android smartphones and tablets, offering a complete DJing solution.

Key Features:
1. Unlocked Effects and No Ads: Access to all effects with no ads or hidden costs for an uninterrupted and premium DJing experience.
2. Advanced Sound System: Equipped with a cutting-edge sound system developed after five years of rigorous research and development, ensuring accurate music frequency analysis, precise beatmatching, and access to new sound effects from professional DJ controllers.
3. Intuitive Interface: Designed in collaboration with professional DJs, the interface ensures ergonomics and user-friendliness, providing direct access to all mix features on a single screen.

A Vast and Dynamic Music Library 🎵

One of the standout features of edjing Pro is its access to an extensive music library, offering a plethora of tracks for DJs to explore during their sets.

Key Features:
1. Streaming Integration: DJs can access over 50 million tracks through popular streaming sources such as Deezer, SoundCloud, and Vimeo, broadening their musical repertoire.
2. Local Music Access: The app allows DJs to incorporate their local music files, providing versatility in music selection.
3. Seamless Music Preparation: With the Queue feature, DJs can prepare their sets in advance by adding songs from various sources, creating dynamic and engaging playlists.

Superior Sound Processing 🔊

The edjing Pro APK v1.08.03 boasts a powerful sound processing system, ensuring low audio latency, precise beatmatching, and automatic track synchronization, replicating the capabilities of professional DJ controllers.

Key Features:
1. Low Audio Latency: Offering low audio latency for accuracy and comfort during the mix, elevating the overall performance for DJs.
2. Perfect Beatmatching: Sound effects are seamlessly synchronized with the beats, offering flawless sets and a captivating listening experience for the audience.
3. Professional Features: A wide range of professional DJ controller features, including broadcast channels, BPM detection, ultra-concise scratch, pre-cueing, editable hot cues, loop, tempo, and more.

Creative Control and Effects 🎚️

edjing Pro empowers DJs with creative control and an arsenal of effects to elevate their mixes, allowing them to personalize their sets and deliver captivating performances.

Key Features:
1. Color Effects: Offering color effects such as Super Filter, Reverb, Delay, Echo Out, Flanger, Bliss, Steel, and Phaser, providing depth and versatility to the mixes.
2. Rhythmic Effects: DJs can leverage rhythmic effects synchronized with the beats, including Beatgrid, Roll, Roll Filter, and Reverse, adding dynamism to their mixes.
3. Customization: The app allows DJs to create custom beats using the “Tap BPM” feature, offering manual adjustments and natural sweep and pinch gestures.

Mixfader Compatibility

For a complete DJing experience, edjing Pro is compatible with Mixfader, the world’s first wireless crossfader, enhancing control and creativity during performances.

1. Access to a vast music library, including streaming services and local music files.
2. Professional-grade sound processing system for optimal audio quality.
3. Intuitive and user-friendly interface designed for professional DJs.
4. Extensive range of features and effects, offering creative control and customization.
5. Compatibility with Mixfader for enhanced performance capabilities.

1. Requires permission for Bluetooth activation and location access for Mixfader compatibility.

How It Works 🔊

The edjing Pro APK v1.08.03 (Patched) transforms your Android device into a professional DJ controller. With its intuitive interface, advanced sound system, and access to a vast music library, the app allows DJs to craft seamless mixes, synchronize tracks effortlessly, and deliver captivating performances. From beatmatching to creative effects, edjing Pro provides all the essential tools for DJs to elevate their craft.

Conclusion 🔗

In conclusion, edjing Pro APK v1.08.03 (Patched) sets a new standard for DJing on Android devices. With its professional features, extensive music library access, and intuitive interface, it empowers DJs to unleash their creativity and deliver exceptional performances. Whether you’re a professional DJ or an aspiring enthusiast, edjing Pro provides the tools and capabilities to take your DJing skills to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions 📌

Q: Is edjing Pro compatible with all Android devices?
A: edjing Pro is compatible with most Android smartphones and tablets, providing a seamless DJing experience across a range of devices.

Q: Can I access my local music files within the edjing Pro app?
A: Yes, edjing Pro allows you to access and incorporate your local music files, offering flexibility in music selection and customization.

Q: Does edjing Pro offer automatic track synchronization?
A: Yes, edjing Pro provides automatic track synchronization, ensuring seamless transitions and precise beatmatching between songs.

In essence, edjing Pro APK v1.08.03 (Patched) redefines the DJing experience on Android devices, offering professional-grade features, an extensive music library, and intuitive controls to elevate the art of DJing. Whether you’re performing at a venue or experimenting with mixes at home, edjing Pro empowers DJs to create memorable and captivating musical experiences.

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