RacingDrag Battle 2: Race World

Drag Battle 2: Race World

Drag Battle 2:  Race World
App Name Drag Battle 2: Race World
Latest Version v.0.97.52
Last Updated
Publisher PlayStormRed
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Racing Racing
Size 125M
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3.8 Rating (257) Votes

3.8 Rating (257 Votes )
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Cool cars, mad speed! Taste real street racing! Be the champ!

Drag Battle 2: Race World is redefining the racing gaming experience, offering an unparalleled level of customization and adrenaline-pumping challenges. Whether you are a fan of classic or modern sports cars, this game lets you create the ultimate racing drag monster according to your preferences. From car tuning to engaging in real-time street racing against global players, Drag Battle 2: Race World provides an extensive array of features and mechanics that make it stand out in the world of drag racing games.

Key Features

– **Variety of Options**: Choose from a vast car collection and customize your vehicle to become a racing powerhouse.
– **Under The Hood**: Unleash your talents as a tuner and drag mechanic by fine-tuning every aspect of your car for optimal performance.
– **Pumping System**: Win drag battles to earn rewards such as money, boosters, and parts cards to upgrade and enhance your vehicle.
– **Speed and Afterburner**: Utilize turbo mode and spare parts to outpace your rivals and dominate the 1/4 mile distance.
– **Epic Personal Settings**: Enjoy professional tuning and styling elements to make your car unique, complemented by stunning graphics and realistic physics.
– **Real-Time Street Racing**: Compete online against real players worldwide, aiming to cement your name in the hall of fame.
– **New Modes and Tracks**: Engage in captivating online championships, simulation tracks, and diverse gaming activities.
– **Clan Features and Tuning Club Online**: Join clans, exchange spare parts, and engage in strategic discussions with other players.
– **Constant Improvements**: The game undergoes regular updates to ensure a continuously enriching gaming experience.


– Unparalleled level of car customization
– Real-time street racing against global players
– Diverse gaming modes and activities
– Regular game improvements and updates


– Some players may find the level of customization overwhelming

How it works

Drag Battle 2: Race World places you in the driver’s seat, offering complete control over every aspect of your racing experience. From tuning your car to competing in real-time against players worldwide, the game provides a comprehensive platform for drag racing enthusiasts. As you win drag battles, you can collect rewards that enable you to enhance and upgrade your vehicle, thereby staying ahead of the competition. The game constantly evolves with new modes, tracks, and opportunities for social interaction, ensuring that players are always immersed in fresh and engaging content.


Drag Battle 2: Race World is a game that delivers an unmatched level of personalization, competition, and engagement for players who revel in the world of drag racing. The extensive array of features, coupled with regular updates, ensures that the gaming experience remains dynamic and continually rewarding. Whether you’re a tuning enthusiast, a competitive racer, or someone who savors the thrill of real-time street competitions, Drag Battle 2: Race World has something to offer for every automotive aficionado.

Frequently Asked Questions

**Q: How often does the game receive updates?**
A: The game is regularly updated to introduce new content, improve gameplay, and address player feedback.

**Q: Can I form or join a clan within the game?**
A: Yes, the game allows players to join existing clans or even create their own, fostering a strong community aspect.

**Q: Are there any plans to introduce new gaming modes in the future?
A: The game developers are open to player suggestions and constantly strive to enhance the gameplay experience, potentially including new gaming modes based on player feedback.

In conclusion, Drag Battle 2: Race World offers an immersive and captivating drag racing experience that stands out for its extensive personalization options, real-time competitive features, and consistent updates. With a vibrant online community, diverse gameplay modes, and regular improvements, the game ensures an adrenaline-fueled and engaging adventure for racing enthusiasts.

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