Role PlayingBrave Nine - Tactical RPG

Brave Nine – Tactical RPG

Brave Nine - Tactical RPG
App Name Brave Nine - Tactical RPG
Latest Version v.2.34.3
Last Updated
Publisher NEOWIZ
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Role Playing Role Playing
Size 97 MB
Mods Battles Speed, Repeat Battle
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4.0 Rating (616) Votes

4.0 Rating (616 Votes )
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Experience Thrilling Battle and Strategic Gameplay only in Brave Nine!

Experience the Ultimate Tactical RPG Adventure with Brave Nine

■ Are you ready to join the ranks of the 'Liberators', individuals bestowed with corrupted mana 'Terra' to ascend closer to gods? These warriors embarked on a perilous journey, unleashing their newfound power to confront the gods but were ultimately defeated and sealed away in another dimension.

■ However, their story doesn’t end there. After a long period of confinement, they have finally been revived and are ready to rewrite their destiny. Witness the captivating tales of Venus & Diane as they navigate through a world filled with mystery and danger.

New Beginnings with the Origin Server

■ [Exclusive to the Origin Server], an enhanced 'Jump-start Quest' awaits you, offering lucrative rewards to assemble the formidable GOAT formation. Acquire 4 Legend Mercenaries at Skill Level +9 instantly, along with a Legend Skill Book, Legend Companion Gift Selection, and a 5 Stars Companion Selection Ticket. Experience the thrill of a revitalized Jump-Start Quest and embark on your epic journey with an unparalleled advantage.

■ Dive into the enigmatic narrative delving into the truth behind The Day of the Eclipse. Prepare for 'The Battle' where the stakes are higher than ever. Unravel the mystery of an Unfortunate Crown Prince who must conceal his identity after losing his loyal followers. Will Adel thwart the nefarious schemes linking the path to the mysterious 'Night World'? Brace yourself for an epic showdown and uncover the fate of the world.

Unleash New Features

  1. Distinguish yourself in the World Arena by engaging in intense battles with global players!
  2. Embark on a relentless adventure and showcase your strategic prowess in the all-new levels of Evil Castle!
  3. Take hero customization to unprecedented heights with the introduction of Companion units!

Classic Features Revamped

  1. Engage in real-time turn-based combat against players from across the globe
  2. Master your tactics through an extensive array of over 1400 stages and a diverse roster of unique units
  3. Unlock bountiful rewards by completing challenging bounties and recruit powerful new heroes to bolster your ranks
  4. Strategize and assemble the ultimate formation to dominate your adversaries
  5. Embark on an immersive journey through captivating storylines unveiling a rich and fantastical world
  6. Ascend through multiple Arenas, aiming to claim the top spot on the leaderboards
  7. Forge alliances and foster a sense of camaraderie by forming or joining a Guild
  8. Challenge your comrades and friends to private duels to test your mettle
  9. Streamline your resource collection and hero progression with the convenience of auto-deploy and repeat battles
  10. Glean insights on optimal formations from top players and partake in monthly Tournaments to support your favorites

Pros and Cons of Brave Nine


1. **Immersive Storyline**: Brave Nine offers an engaging and immersive storyline that draws players into a rich and fantastical world, filled with mystery and peril.

2. **Strategic Depth**: With over 1400 stages and diverse units, the game provides an extensive tactical experience, allowing players to hone their strategic skills.

3. **Global Competition**: Engage in thrilling real-time turn-based combat with players from around the world in the World Arena, adding an element of global competition and excitement.

4. **Companion Units**: The introduction of Companion units enhances hero customization, adding a new layer of depth to the gameplay.

5. **Guild System**: The game fosters a sense of community and teamwork through the Guild system, allowing players to form alliances, share strategies, and partake in Guild-related activities.


1. **Resource Management**: While the game offers auto-deploy and repeat battle features to streamline resource collection, some players may find the resource management aspect challenging.

2. **Steep Learning Curve**: The game’s strategic depth may pose a steep learning curve for new players, requiring time and dedication to master the intricacies of tactics and formations.

How Brave Nine Works

Brave Nine offers an enthralling experience, combining compelling storytelling with strategic depth and intense competition. Players embark on a journey alongside the 'Liberators', wielding corrupted mana 'Terra' to challenge the gods and rewrite their fate.

The game is structured around turn-based combat, where players strategize and deploy their units to outmaneuver and overcome opponents in real-time battles. With an extensive array of over 1400 stages, players can delve into a world brimming with captivating narratives and diverse challenges.

The introduction of Companion units expands the customization options, allowing players to tailor their collection of heroes to suit their preferred playstyle. Additionally, the Guild system promotes collaboration and camaraderie, offering a platform for players to share strategies, engage in private duels, and partake in Guild-specific activities.

Brave Nine continually evolves with new content, such as the Evil Castle levels, catering to both veteran players seeking fresh challenges and newcomers eager to immerse themselves in an expansive and dynamic gaming world.


Brave Nine stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of tactical RPGs, offering a blend of captivating storytelling, strategic depth, and global competition. With its immersive narrative, diverse roster of units, and features like the World Arena and Guild system, the game presents an all-encompassing experience for players seeking a rich and dynamic gaming adventure.

Whether you’re delving into the enthralling storyline, fine-tuning your tactical acumen, engaging in global battles, or forging alliances within a Guild, Brave Nine offers a multifaceted gaming experience that continues to captivate players worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the significance of the Companion units in Brave Nine?

Companion units in Brave Nine add a new layer of customization and strategic depth to the game. These units complement the existing roster of heroes, offering players the opportunity to diversify their formations and tailor their strategies to suit various challenges and playstyles.

2. How does the Guild system enhance the gameplay experience in Brave Nine?

The Guild system in Brave Nine fosters a sense of community and collaboration among players. It provides a platform for forming alliances, sharing strategies, partaking in Guild-specific activities, and engaging in private duels with fellow Guild members. This social aspect enhances the overall gaming experience, encouraging teamwork and camaraderie.

3. What sets Brave Nine apart from other tactical RPGs on the market?

Brave Nine distinguishes itself through its immersive storyline, extensive roster of unique units, global competition in the World Arena, and the added dimension of the Guild system. The game’s commitment to evolving and introducing new content, such as the recently enhanced Jump-start Quest and Evil Castle levels, ensures that players are continually engaged and challenged within the game’s dynamic world.

  • - 1 New Legend Companions Added - New Costume - Shop UI Renewal - Operation Yuridori run Event

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