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Barbie Color Creations

Barbie™ Color Creations
App Name Barbie™ Color Creations
Latest Version v.1.7.0
Last Updated
Publisher StoryToys
Requirements Android 8.0 Android 8.0
Category Educación Educación
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4.4 Rating (161) Votes

4.4 Rating (161 Votes )
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Coloring & design adventures

🎨 Barbie Color Creations

Barbie™ Color Creations is a revolutionary app designed for kids, providing them with a platform to unleash their creativity through art and design. Join “Brooklyn” and “Malibu” on an exciting journey filled with painting, sketching, designing, and more. With an ever-growing collection of coloring books, tools, designs, locations, and items, kids can breathe life into Barbie’s memories through engaging design challenges. By customizing items and characters from their favorite Barbie movies and series, children can unlock a world of imaginative possibilities and save their designs as stickers to utilize in 2D locations. Barbie™ Color Creations creates a mindful, cozy, and creative environment tailored for kids to express their creativity in a relaxed manner.

Key Features of Barbie Color Creations

Below are some of the key features that make Barbie™ Color Creations an exceptional app for kids:

1. Vast Collection of Coloring Books and Tools: The app offers an extensive array of coloring books, tools, designs, and items for kids to explore and unleash their artistic potential.🖍️

2. Design Challenges: Barbie Color Creations presents creative design challenges that allow kids to bring Barbie’s memories to life through imaginative customization.🖌️

3. Personal Studio: Users can decorate their personal studio with unique rewards earned from completing design stories, fostering a sense of ownership and creativity.🏠

4. Regular Updates: The app keeps things exciting with frequent updates, introducing new coloring packs and design challenges to ensure endless fun and exploration.🔄

Pros and Cons of Barbie Color Creations

Here are the pros and cons of Barbie™ Color Creations to help you understand its offerings better:


  • Encourages creativity and imagination in a safe and engaging environment.👧🎨
  • Regular updates ensure that the app stays fresh and exciting for kids.🔄
  • Provides a wide range of design challenges and customization options based on beloved Barbie movies and series.🦸‍♀️
  • Offers a cozy and mindful atmosphere conducive to creative expression.🌈


  • Some content may only be accessible through in-app purchases.💰

How Barbie Color Creations Works

Barbie™ Color Creations operates as a digital canvas for kids, allowing them to embark on a colorful adventure filled with artistic expression and imaginative design challenges. The app provides a seamless platform where kids can explore, design, and create to their heart’s content. By customizing items and characters from iconic Barbie movies and series, kids can use their creativity to bring Barbie’s memories to life in a fun and interactive manner. Additionally, the app encourages a sense of ownership by allowing users to decorate their personal studio with unique rewards earned from completing design stories.🎨


Barbie Color Creations is an exceptional app that empowers kids to express their creativity, develop new ideas, and indulge in imaginative play in a safe and engaging digital environment. With its vast collection of coloring books, design challenges, and regular updates, the app provides endless opportunities for kids to explore and unleash their artistic potential. By offering a cozy and creative atmosphere, Barbie™ Color Creations emerges as a go-to platform for kids to express themselves in a mindful and relaxing manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Barbie Color Creations compliant with privacy laws?
– Yes, StoryToys ensures that Barbie™ Color Creations complies with privacy laws, including the Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), to safeguard children’s privacy.

2. Can additional content be accessed through in-app purchases?
– Yes, while the app is free to play, it offers additional content via in-app purchases to further enrich the user experience.

3. Does Barbie Color Creations receive regular updates?
– Absolutely! The app receives regular updates, including new coloring packs and design challenges, to keep the experience fresh and exciting for kids.

4. Can the designs created in Barbie™ Color Creations be saved and shared?
– Users can save their designs as stickers and play with them in 2D locations. Additionally, they can download any drawing as an image to their device to share with friends and family.📸

In conclusion, Barbie™ Color Creations is a delightful avenue for kids to explore their creativity and artistic flair in a digital realm. With its diverse array of features and a commitment to providing a safe and engaging platform, the app stands as a commendable choice for parents seeking a creative outlet for their children.

  • DESIGN CHALLENGE: You Can Be an Ice Skater Join Barbie on the ice! Color chic skating outfits & winter gear, even whip up some hot cocoa. Then place your art in an icy scene for cozy coloring fun! STICKERS: Holiday Costume Collection Get creative with Barbie's holiday attire - from chic sweaters to glamorous party outfits. Enhance any scene with baubles and gifts for a festive touch! TOOL: Glitter Roller Sprinkle sparkles & add some shimmer to your color creations with the new Glitter tool.

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