Role PlayingAuto Battles Online: Idle PvP

Auto Battles Online: Idle PvP

Auto Battles Online: Idle PvP
App Name Auto Battles Online: Idle PvP
Latest Version v.1036
Last Updated
Publisher Tier 9 Game Studios
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Role Playing Role Playing
Size 109 MB
Mods Attack Speed
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4.2 Rating (594) Votes

4.2 Rating (594 Votes )
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Multiplayer 1000+ item autobattler. Roll, gear up, play with friends, Idle RPG!

Auto Battles Online: The Ultimate Idle PvP Experience

Introduction to Idle PvP Gaming

Are you a fan of role-playing games but find it challenging to invest significant time and effort into active gameplay? Look no further! Auto Battles Online is the answer to your needs. This innovative and engaging game combines the thrill of player versus player (PvP) battles with the ease of idle and AFK (Away From Keyboard) gaming.

With an extensive selection of thousands of items and a vibrant online multiplayer community, Auto Battles Online offers an unparalleled gaming experience that caters to both casual and competitive players.

The Revolution of Player Versus Player Gaming

1. **Extensive Item Selection**: One of the unique features of Auto Battles Online is the vast array of items available for players to choose from, enabling them to create diverse play styles for their characters.

2. **Multiplayer Battles**: Engage in thrilling battles against other players online, and watch your team grow and dominate your opponents with each victorious encounter.

3. **Casual or Competitive Gameplay**: Whether you prefer to play casually with friends or strive to climb the player rankings and compete at a higher level, Auto Battles Online offers an experience tailored to your preferences.

4. **Community Engagement**: Join a vibrant and active community of players, participate in guilds, and take part in world events to enhance your gaming experience.

Key Features of Auto Battles Online

The game boasts an array of unique features, making it a standout choice for enthusiasts of idle PvP gaming.

**Build and Upgrade Your Heroic Team**: Develop and enhance a team of heroes, then unleash them in thrilling online multiplayer battles.

**Strategic Autochess-Style Gameplay**: Say goodbye to frustrating controls and embrace the autochess-style gameplay, allowing your heroes to do the fighting while you focus on strategic decisions.

**Progress through Victories**: Level up your team and improve their abilities by conquering opponents in thrilling battles.

**Vibrant Community Interaction**: Immerse yourself in the active and welcoming community, where you can forge new alliances and friendships.

**Accessible to All Players**: Auto Battles Online’s free-to-play model ensures that all players have equal opportunities to acquire the best gear using in-game currency, fostering a fair and enjoyable gaming environment.

**Competitive Climbing**: Strive to build an unbeatable team and ascend to the pinnacle of the player rankings, marking your dominance in the game.

**Enhance Your Team’s Arsenal**: Equip your team with upgraded armor, weapons, and magical enhancements to amplify their power in PvP battles.

**Dungeon Training**: Engage your team in rigorous training against waves of enemies within the dungeon setting, honing their skills and prowess.

**Guild Collaboration**: Form alliances with friends and fellow players by joining guilds, unleashing the potential for collaborative gameplay experiences.

**Quests and Idle Features**: Embark on quests to earn valuable rewards, with upcoming features enabling idle training for your team’s continuous improvement even when you are away.

Using Tactics and Strategy to Achieve Victory

Customization plays a significant role in Auto Battles Online, allowing players to meticulously design and upgrade their heroes to suit their preferred playstyle.

Once your hero is ready for battle, witness the excitement of the fight sequences as they unfold. Your hero will engage in exhilarating combat, gradually increasing their strength and prowess with each encounter.

As you progress, assembling a formidable team of melee fighters, archers, and magic casters becomes pivotal to your success. Each unit brings its distinct strengths, weaknesses, and counterplays, offering a rich tactical landscape for strategic gameplay.

Utilize melee fighters in the frontline to absorb incoming damage, while positioning archers and mages at the backline to unleash devastating attacks on your adversaries. This strategic deployment adds layers of depth and complexity to your battles, requiring astute tactical decisions for triumph.

Real Online PvP Arenas

Prepare to engage in intense team battles against real players in online PvP arenas. The more victories you achieve, the greater your potential to strengthen and fortify your heroic team, culminating in a formidable force that commands respect on the leaderboards.

For enthusiasts of competitive online multiplayer games, the exhilarating auto PvP battles offered in this tactical title are simply irresistible. The satisfaction derived from watching your autobattle heroes triumph over multiplayer adversaries through a combination of magic, archery, and brute force is unmatched.

Upgrading Your Team to Unleash its Potential

Victories in battles translate to tangible benefits, allowing you to level up your team, enhance their abilities, and gain access to superior gear. As your team’s power escalates, they become more capable of confronting and toppling formidable opponents in the PvP arena.

The world of Auto Battles Online presents an abundance of epic and legendary items for players to acquire. Outfit your team with lethal weapons such as the one-handed Hellsword or the Crystal Longsword. Furthermore, bolster their defenses with distinctive armors like the Mythical Forestkeeper Vestment. The breadth of weapons and armor, paired with their diverse tiers, offer a rich progression system that empowers your idle battle team with increased potency.

Building Your Empire and Mastering Idle Training

Beyond the realms of battle, Auto Battles Online allows players to conquer various islands and cultivate them into thriving empires that generate passive income. Collaborate with your guildmates to raid islands owned by rival guilds, demonstrating your collective might and influence across the game world.

Additionally, the game introduces an idle training feature, enabling your team to continue growing even when you are not actively playing. This persistent evolution ensures that your team is continuously strengthening, ready to unleash their enhanced capabilities when you return to the game.


Auto Battles Online represents a paradigm shift in the realm of idle PvP gaming, seamlessly integrating the allure of player versus player battles with the convenience of idle and AFK gameplay. With its extensive item selection, vibrant community, and diverse array of features, the game presents an engrossing and accessible experience for players of all preferences.

Whether you aspire to attain competitive supremacy or seek a relaxed gaming environment with friends, Auto Battles Online caters to your desires. The strategic depth, immersive gameplay, and potential for continuous progression make it an indispensable addition to the repertoire of both casual and devoted gamers.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of conquest and camaraderie? Join the ranks of Auto Battles Online today and shape your own legacy in the realm of idle PvP gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. **Is Auto Battles Online a free-to-play game?**
– Yes, Auto Battles Online follows a free-to-play model, allowing all players to access and enjoy its features without any upfront cost.

2. **How can I engage with the Auto Battles Online community?**
– Connect with fellow players, participate in discussions, and stay updated on the latest game events by joining the Auto Battles Online community on Discord through the following link:

3. **What sets Auto Battles Online apart from other idle PvP games?**
– Auto Battles Online distinguishes itself through its extensive item selection, strategic autochess-style gameplay, and vibrant community engagement, offering a comprehensive and dynamic gaming experience.

4. **Are there plans for future updates and additions to Auto Battles Online?**
– Yes, the development team is committed to introducing new features such as quests and idle training, enhancing the depth and longevity of the gameplay experience.

In conclusion, Auto Battles Online is a captivating fusion of traditional RPG elements with innovative idle mechanics. It caters to both competitive and casual players, providing a compelling and engaging gaming experience for everyone. Join the community today and embark on an adventure like no other!

  • v1.6.2 - Fixed a bug with presets - Improvements to chest roll animations - Various other bugfixes and improvements!

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