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Attack Hole - Black Hole Games
App Name Attack Hole - Black Hole Games
Latest Version v.1.16.1
Last Updated
Publisher Homa
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Arcade Arcade
Size 163.11 Mb
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4.3 Rating (255) Votes

4.3 Rating (255 Votes )
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Move the black hole to swallow arms down the hole like an attacking hoard master

Are you ready to take on the challenge of maneuvering a black hole to swallow arms and other objects, becoming an attacking hoard master and conquering the game world? Attack Hole APK 1.16.1 offers an exhilarating experience as you navigate through a hall filled with weapons and bullets, striving to clear them as you progress. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of Attack Hole, providing essential tips and strategies to help you emerge as a black hole hero and reign supreme in this thrilling gameplay. Whether you’re a novice venturing into the world of black hole games or a seasoned player seeking to enhance your skills, this guide has you covered.

Understanding Attack Hole APK 1.16.1

Attack Hole APK 1.16.1 presents players with the captivating opportunity to control a black hole, using it as a tool to consume and conquer the game’s environment. As time ticks away, the pressure mounts to ensure that you swallow all arms and other objects before the clock runs out. This intense and fast-paced gameplay is reminiscent of a vacuum cleaner in action, as you strive to clear the hall with your black hole prowess.

Becoming the Black Hole Hero Attacker

Your journey in Attack Hole involves selecting your preferred black hole skin and embarking on a quest akin to that of a hoard master. As you traverse the hall teeming with weapons and bullet stacks, your objective is to swallow them all, growing in power and prowess with each item consumed. By devouring the entire arsenal, you gain the strength needed to confront and defeat the formidable giant boss, establishing yourself as the black hole hero attacker.

Whether it’s smaller weapons or massive bombs and bullet stacks, your black hole must expand its capacity to engulf them all. Embrace the challenge of consuming the world of arms, showcasing your skills as you navigate through the chaos of the game environment.

Mastering the Art of Black Hole Conquest

As you cut through the chaos with your voracious black hole, absorbing everything in its path, you prepare for the ultimate showdown. Gathering an arsenal of weapons, you gear up to face the colossal enemy that awaits at the culmination of your journey. The skills and resources you’ve amassed throughout the game will be put to the test as you confront the giant boss, unleashing your power in a dramatic battle.

Strategies for Success

Ensure your victory by employing strategic maneuvers to overcome the challenges posed by Attack Hole. By maximizing your black hole’s capabilities and honing your gameplay, you can enhance your chances of emerging triumphant. Here are some essential strategies to consider:

  1. Efficiently Navigate the Game Environment: Maneuver your black hole adeptly, swiftly consuming arms and weapons to bolster your strength.
  2. Collect Diverse Weaponry: Embrace the diversity of weapons available within the game, expanding your black hole’s abilities by acquiring a wide array of arms and ammunition.
  3. Prepare for the Showdown: As you approach the encounter with the giant boss, ensure that you’ve amassed a formidable arsenal, ready to unleash your full potential in the final battle.

Embracing the Challenge of Attack Hole

Intrigued by the prospect of becoming a black hole hero and conquering a world filled with weapons and chaos? Embrace the challenge of Attack Hole APK 1.16.1 and immerse yourself in a thrilling experience of strategy and skill. Can you rise to the occasion, dominating the game environment and emerging as the ultimate victor?

Play Attack Hole Now!

Are you prepared to embark on a riveting adventure, delving into the realm of Attack Hole and seizing the opportunity to wield a powerful black hole? Take on the challenge, showcase your mastery of strategy and skill, and emerge as the black hole hero attacker in the chaotic, high-stakes world of Attack Hole APK 1.16.1. Play now and unleash your prowess in a captivating journey of conquest and triumph!


Attack Hole APK 1.16.1 offers an exhilarating and fast-paced gameplay experience, inviting players to become black hole heroes and confront the challenges of a chaotic world filled with weapons and adversaries. By employing strategic maneuvers and expanding the capabilities of your black hole, you can navigate through the game environment with skill and precision, ultimately emerging as the victorious conqueror. Take on the challenge of Attack Hole and immerse yourself in an enthralling journey of strategy and triumph!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Attack Hole APK 1.16.1?

Attack Hole APK 1.16.1 is a captivating game that grants players the opportunity to control a black hole, using it to consume various arms, weapons, and bullet stacks within a dynamic game environment. Players must navigate through the chaos, strategically gathering resources and preparing to confront a formidable giant boss.

How can I succeed in Attack Hole?

To triumph in Attack Hole, players should focus on efficiently maneuvering their black hole, consuming diverse weaponry, and preparing for the ultimate showdown with the giant boss. By employing strategic tactics and honing their gameplay skills, players can enhance their chances of emerging victorious in the game.

What makes Attack Hole APK 1.16.1 a compelling gaming experience?

Attack Hole APK 1.16.1 offers a thrilling and fast-paced gaming experience, challenging players to navigate through a chaotic world teeming with weapons and adversaries. The game presents an opportunity for players to showcase their strategic prowess, mastery of skill, and ability to emerge as black hole heroes in a high-stakes environment.

  • - Bug fixes and improvements - Visual improvements

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