ActionAction Taimanin

Action Taimanin

Action Taimanin
App Name Action Taimanin
Latest Version v.2.8.45
Last Updated
Publisher Gremory Games inc
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Action Action
Size 2.3 GB
Mods Damage/God Mode
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4.4 Rating (957) Votes

4.4 Rating (957 Votes )
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Stylistic hack-and-slash action, brought to you by the Taimanin ninjas!

Action Taimanin is an exhilarating, fast-paced, and free-to-play hack-and-slash RPG that seamlessly blends action-packed gameplay with captivating visual novel elements. Set in a near-future Tokyo besieged by demons and plagued by the nefarious deeds of humanity, players assume the role of the Commander of the Taimanin task force – a group of stunningly powerful ninja warriors determined to combat the pervasive darkness. Embark on a thrilling journey across Japan and beyond, navigating through a tapestry of friends, foes, and international superpowers while striving to fulfill missions and thwart the forces of evil.

Main Features of Action Taimanin

In the tumultuous world of Action Taimanin, players are drawn into a rich tapestry of features that elevate the gameplay experience to new heights.

3D-Rendered Characters

Greet the captivating ninja girls in their stunningly detailed 3D form. With a captivating array of stylish costumes and awe-inspiring weapons, players can elevate the prowess of their Taimanins, introducing an element of customization and personalization into the mix.

Action-Packed Combat

Experience adrenaline-fueled combat with seamless controls, allowing players to traverse through classic action challenges at varying difficulty levels. Utilize the unique skills of each character and their Supporters to craft a combat style that resonates with your preferences. Whether it’s melee, ranged, or a harmonious blend of both, discover the fighting style that best complements your playing style. Furthermore, engage in both PVE and PVP modes, ensuring a dynamic combat experience.

Interactions and Visual Novels

Deepen the bonds with your favorite characters by showering them with thoughtful gifts, unlocking a multitude of rewards and heartwarming interactions. Immerse yourself in the visual novel segments, which boast stunning graphics and compelling narratives that are bound to evoke a gamut of emotions.

Battle Arena

Engage in thrilling 3-on-3 PVP showdowns within the Battle Arena, pitting your most formidable Taimanins against those of your friends as you vie for supremacy in the weekly rankings.

Arena Tower

Embark on a challenging journey through successive floors teeming with formidable foes such as robots, demons, and zombies. Strategically deploy your adept Taimanins to vanquish these adversaries and claim an array of lucrative rewards, all in a bid to ascend to the pinnacle of the Arena Tower.

Daily Quests, Special Mode, and Time Attack

Immerse yourself in a world of daily quests, guaranteeing an abundant supply of essential materials and items to aid you in your adventures. In the Special Mode, take a breather from the relentless action and partake in entertaining mini-games that promise delightful rewards. Additionally, test your agility and speed in the Time Attack mode, competing against players worldwide to ascend the ranks as you navigate stages with haste.

Private Room

Unleash your creativity as you curate dramatic scenarios in thematic rooms, leveraging the sandbox studio to its fullest potential by placing your characters in a myriad of settings and letting your imagination soar.

Pros and Cons of Action Taimanin


  1. Immersive blend of hack-and-slash RPG with visual novel elements.
  2. Captivating 3D-rendered characters and customizable costumes and weapons.
  3. Diverse combat styles catering to varied player preferences.
  4. Rich narrative arcs and emotionally stirring visual novel segments.
  5. Dynamic PVE and PVP modes, fostering engaging gameplay experiences.


  1. Requires Android 9 as the minimum OS, potentially limiting accessibility for older devices.
  2. Free-to-play model may include in-app purchases, impacting the overall gaming experience for some players.

How Action Taimanin Works

At its core, Action Taimanin offers a multifaceted gameplay experience that seamlessly melds the intensity of hack-and-slash RPG elements with the captivating allure of visual novel storytelling. Players navigate the game’s interface, selecting missions, customizing their characters’ appearances, and engaging in thrilling combat scenarios across diverse game modes.

The 3D-rendered characters come to life, allowing players to collect an array of stylish costumes and epic weapons, tailoring the aesthetics and abilities of their Taimanins to suit their preferences. The easy-to-navigate controls enable players to effortlessly execute a repertoire of combat maneuvers, from melee confrontations to ranged assaults, all while leveraging the distinct skills of each character and their Supporters.

Furthermore, the interaction and visual novel components deepen the emotional resonance of the game, fostering a sense of intimacy and connection between players and the endearing cast of characters. The Battle Arena and Arena Tower modes infuse a competitive edge into the gameplay, offering engaging PVP encounters and formidable challenges for players to conquer.

In addition, the inclusion of daily quests, special modes, and time attack segments ensures that players are constantly engaged in diverse activities, promoting a well-rounded gaming experience. Finally, the private room feature grants players the creative freedom to craft various scenarios, enhancing the immersive nature of the game.


Overall, Action Taimanin presents an alluring amalgamation of enthralling gameplay elements that cater to diverse gaming preferences. From its captivating visual aesthetics to its engaging combat dynamics and emotionally resonant storytelling, the game offers a multifaceted experience that is sure to captivate players seeking an immersive adventure in a supernatural world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Action Taimanin free to play?
A: Yes, Action Taimanin is free to play, but it may include in-app purchases.

Q: What are the minimum OS requirements for Action Taimanin?
A: The minimum OS requirement for Action Taimanin is Android 9.

Q: Can players engage in PVP battles in Action Taimanin?
A: Yes, players can participate in engaging 3-on-3 PVP battles within the Battle Arena mode.

Q: Does Action Taimanin offer diverse combat styles?
A: Yes, players can explore and customize varied combat styles, including melee, ranged, and mixed styles, to suit their preferences.

Q: How can players deepen their bonds with characters in Action Taimanin?
A: Players can increase the Affinity level of their favorite characters by gifting them items and engaging in interactions, unlocking a range of rewards and heartwarming actions.

Q: Are there diverse game modes in Action Taimanin?
A: Yes, Action Taimanin offers a myriad of game modes, including daily quests, special modes, and time attack segments, ensuring a diverse and engaging gameplay experience.

Embark on an enchanting journey into the supernatural realm of the Taimanin, where captivating ninja warriors, gripping narratives, and exhilarating combat await in Action Taimanin.

  • "◆ Version Update: 2.10.61 The update includes improvements to the game content and bug fixes. For details, please refer to the in-game notice. The story of Action Taimanin continues! === Stylistic hack-and-slash action, brought to you by the Taimanin ninjas!"

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