APK MOD (Menu, No Skill CD) v2.3.3
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Latest Version v.2.3.3
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Publisher Habby
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Adventure Adventure
Size 950 MB
Mods Menu, No Skill CD
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4.6 Rating (454) Votes

4.6 Rating (454 Votes )
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Survive the Monsters, Survive the Fun!

Dangerous zombies have invaded the city, posing a grave threat to its inhabitants. As the chosen hero awakened by the trial of dreams, you bear the weight of the city’s fate on your shoulders. Join forces with other survivors, harness your unlimited potential as a human warrior, and arm yourselves to combat the malevolent zombie horde.

The odds are stacked against you, outnumbered by the relentless hordes of zombies. Every move you make carries the weight of potential peril. In the face of this crisis, your survival instincts become the key to enduring this onslaught.

Features of APK MOD v2.3.3

  • Engage in battles against over 1000 monsters simultaneously and strive to exterminate them to preserve the city’s safety.
  • Utilize one-hand controls to navigate and conquer the challenging maps effectively.
  • Embark on an all-new roguelite skill experience that offers endless combinations to enhance your gameplay.
  • Experience escalating difficulty levels with each new stage, immersing yourself in the intensity of the gameplay.

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Overview of APK MOD

The APK MOD, version 2.3.3, presents an exhilarating gaming experience where players are thrust into a city besieged by dangerous zombies. In the wake of this perilous situation, individuals with extraordinary potential, including the player, must unite to combat the zombie threat and ensure the city’s survival. With a multitude of exciting features and engaging gameplay, offers an immersive and action-packed adventure for gaming enthusiasts.

Face the Zombie Horde

The game plunges players into a high-stakes scenario where they must confront and overpower masses of terrifying zombies. The city’s safety hangs in the balance as players face off against hordes of over 1000 monsters, requiring strategic prowess and skill to eradicate the menacing threat. With each encounter, the intensity of the battle escalates, delivering an adrenaline-pumping experience for players.

Masterful Controls APK MOD introduces a seamless and intuitive control system, allowing players to navigate the treacherous maps and confront adversaries with ease. The implementation of one-hand controls enhances accessibility and ease of use, enabling players to focus on the thrilling gameplay and tactical combat strategies without being hindered by complex controls.

Roguelite Skill Experience

Embark on an enthralling journey of skill advancement with the all-new roguelite system, offering an array of skill combinations that elevate the gameplay experience. Players have the opportunity to experiment with various skill combinations, enhancing their abilities and unleashing diverse tactics to combat the formidable zombie horde effectively.

Escalating Difficulty APK MOD introduces escalating difficulty levels with each new stage, presenting players with increasingly challenging scenarios that demand adaptability and strategic acumen. This dynamic gameplay feature ensures that every stage is a thrilling test of skill and resilience, delivering an immersive and exhilarating gaming experience.

Contact and Support

For further engagement and support, players can connect with the community on Facebook: or reach out to the dedicated support team via email at The game continually evolves and offers ongoing support to ensure an enriching and interactive experience for all players.


The APK MOD (Menu, No Skill CD) v2.3.3 presents an enthralling and action-packed gaming adventure, immersing players in a city besieged by terrifying zombies. Through strategic combat, mastery of diverse skills, and intuitive controls, players can embark on a thrilling journey to safeguard the city and overcome the relentless zombie horde. With its engaging features and escalating challenges, offers a captivating and adrenaline-fueled experience for gaming enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the concept of APK MOD? APK MOD offers an immersive gaming experience where players must confront hordes of menacing zombies to save the city. With action-packed gameplay, escalating challenges, and diverse skill combinations, players are thrust into an adrenaline-pumping adventure as they strive to ensure the city’s survival.

Are there specific controls in APK MOD?

Yes, APK MOD features intuitive one-hand controls, allowing players to navigate treacherous maps and engage in combat with ease. The streamlined control system enhances accessibility and ensures that players can focus on the strategic aspects of gameplay without being hindered by complex controls.

How does the roguelite skill experience enhance gameplay in APK MOD?

The roguelite skill experience in APK MOD introduces a myriad of skill combinations, empowering players to experiment with diverse tactics and abilities. This feature elevates the gameplay by providing a dynamic and customizable skill system, allowing players to adapt their strategies and combat the formidable zombie horde effectively.

What sets APK MOD apart in terms of difficulty levels? APK MOD presents escalating difficulty levels with each new stage, ensuring that players are consistently challenged and engaged. This dynamic feature creates a thrilling and immersive gaming experience, driving players to hone their skills and adaptability as they confront increasingly formidable adversaries.

  • - Added Chapters 121-125 and their related Challenge stages! - Added new achievements - Guardian and Drill Shot Tech Parts now increased to Eternal quality! - Zone Operation season update! - New Collectible system! - New S Grade Survivor - Master Yang - Added Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt Party event. - Ender's Echo ranking rewards greatly boosted - New talents, Lunar exploration challenge mechanics etc. - More exciting events in store - Other bug fixes

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