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JEFIT Gym Workout Plan Tracker
App Name JEFIT Gym Workout Plan Tracker
Latest Version v.11.34.4
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Publisher Jefit Inc
Category Health Fitness Health Fitness
Size 49 MB
Mods Elite Membership
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4.4 Rating (405) Votes

4.4 Rating (405 Votes )
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Simple gym workout log tracker with 3000+ pro build customizable training plans

Are you a fitness enthusiast seeking a comprehensive solution to track your workout progress and achieve your fitness goals? Look no further, as the JEFIT Gym Workout Plan & Log Tracker is here to revolutionize your fitness journey. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned bodybuilder, JEFIT offers an extensive array of workout plans and tools designed to elevate your exercise routines and propel you towards success.

Unleash Your Potential with JEFIT

It’s time to unleash the power of JEFIT and experience unparalleled support and guidance as you embark on your fitness quest. With a diverse collection of over 1400 exercises and a multitude of workout routines meticulously curated by certified personal trainers, JEFIT stands as the preeminent gym workout planner in the market.

Key Features of JEFIT Gym Workout Plan & Log Tracker

Let’s delve into the remarkable features that set JEFIT apart from the competition:

1. Workout Tracker: Log your exercises, sets, reps, and weights, and monitor your progress with the gym workout journal.

2. Training Planner: Tailor your own gym workout plan or choose from a selection of pre-made plans aligned with your goals and fitness level. The fully customizable workout routine planner allows you to craft a comprehensive weekly workout plan, incorporating techniques such as super-sets and drop-sets.

3. Workout Routines: Access 3000 training routines developed by professional trainers, in addition to 98,000 community-shared training routines. Variety is at your fingertips.

4. Workout Generator: Effortlessly generate quick training workouts based on duration or muscle group. One tap is all it takes to save and track your workouts.

5. Smart Watch Integration: Seamlessly track your workouts using the standalone watch module, offering a hassle-free experience without depending on your phone.

6. Exercise Library: Explore a vast array of exercises through the comprehensive library, featuring over 1400 HD exercise videos and instructional content. Keep track of your weight lifting progress with the exercise tracker.

7. Custom Exercises: Create and log exercises tailored to your training routines, adding a personalized touch to your fitness regimen.

8. Body Progress & Muscle Strength Tracker: Utilize a full suite of bodybuilding tools to record body part measurements and monitor muscle strength progression, consolidating all aspects of your workout journal planner.

9. Strength & Fitness Challenges: Stay motivated by competing against your own progress or challenging your weight lifting peers to test your limits and attain new milestones.

10. Active Fitness Community: Share your fitness journey with friends and fellow fitness enthusiasts, seek guidance from personal trainers and experienced bodybuilders, and forge new connections within the weightlifting community.

11. Fitness Assessment: Easily evaluate muscle endurance and strength levels through assessment workouts, gaining valuable insights into your fitness progression.

12. Wear OS Integration: Effortlessly monitor your workouts through the Wear OS module, providing convenient access to your progress without requiring your phone.

Pros & Cons of JEFIT Gym Workout Plan & Log Tracker


1. Comprehensive workout tracking and planning features

2. Extensive library of exercises and workout routines

3. Customizable workout planning options

4. Seamless integration with smartwatches

5. Active and supportive fitness community


1. Elite membership required for full access to all features

2. Occasional bugs and performance issues

How JEFIT Works

JEFIT empowers you to take control of your fitness journey by offering a myriad of tools and resources designed to enhance every aspect of your workout regimen. From personalized workout planning to seamless workout tracking and engaging with a vibrant fitness community, JEFIT serves as the ultimate companion in your quest for superior fitness.


Embrace the power of JEFIT and unlock your true fitness potential. With its unparalleled support, comprehensive features, and thriving fitness community, JEFIT is poised to elevate your workout experience and drive you towards unparalleled fitness achievements. It’s time to revolutionize your fitness journey with JEFIT – your ultimate fitness companion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is JEFIT suitable for beginners?
A: Absolutely! JEFIT caters to individuals of all fitness levels, offering customizable workout plans and a wealth of resources to support beginners in their fitness journey.

Q: Can I track my progress with JEFIT?
A: Yes, JEFIT provides comprehensive workout tracking features, enabling you to monitor your progress and stay motivated throughout your fitness journey.

Q: Are there membership options available for JEFIT?
A: Yes, JEFIT offers an Elite membership that unlocks additional features and benefits for users seeking an enhanced fitness experience.

Q: Is JEFIT compatible with wearable devices?
A: Yes, JEFIT seamlessly integrates with smartwatches, providing users with the convenience of tracking their workouts without relying on their phones.

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